A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Four)

Recap- “When going to a friend’s art supply store, A Cartoonist finds trouble and a dead body. A note is found and in the note a man named Gino Savino is named as a possible suspect. Unfortunately, it’s also the Cartoonist’s father”  “HES MY F&!#ing FATHER”. I shouted. “Ok..Ok..” stammered Tommy. He was obviously shakenContinue reading “A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Four)”

 A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Three)

“Recap- A Cartoonist in his artistic pursuits gets in the middle of an explosion of his favorite art shop owned by his mentor and former high school art teacher. After finding a mysterious note and being released from the police, the Cartoonist returns home to read an eye opening note…” I opened the paper toContinue reading ” A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Three)”

 A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Two)

Recap-A Local Cartoonist who makes his way to his friend’s art supply store to only to be surprised by a large explosion and out of the rumble he finds something even more disturbing.  As the Cartoonist moved through the skeletal structure, the frightening image loomed over him like a scarecrow over a cornfield. Its blackenedContinue reading ” A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Two)”