Slap Comics

Exploring the worlds of Mellie the Cat (Friday), Matty the Batty (Wednesday), and Tony & Bob (Monday Bi-Weekly)

  • Mugs Bear #5

    Go Ahead, Make his Day.

    Mugs is doing his best Dirty Harry impression.


  • Sunday Comics 1/22/23

    Its Sunday.

    Its time for Comics. IN COLOR.


  • Mellie the Cat #43

    Mellie’s Big Break Part Five

    Mellie escaped and decided to jump in the tree. But there’s a problem with this.

    Cats stereotypically get stuck in trees. And Mellie is no different.


  • Matty the Batty #43

    Matty decided to poke the proverbial bear with a stick.

    The Bees decided to get some Vengeance for their Bee brothers and Matty is not going to love the outcome.

    Happy Trails, Matty.


  • Tony & Bob #21

    Everyone has a Guilty Pleasure.

    In this case, Bob has a love for British period dramas but doesn’t want to admit it.

    Oh Bob, Its Ok.


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