Slap Comics

Exploring the worlds of Mellie the Cat (Friday), Matty the Batty (Wednesday), and Tony & Bob (Monday Bi-Weekly)

  • Matty the Batty Strip #22

    Matty’s Most Wanted. The Animals that a Bat like him would stay away from.

    Passing knowledge to the next generation.


    Matty the Batty Strip #21

  • Mellie the Cat Strip #21

    Mellies Big BBQ Blowout starts here.

    Mellies’s solution to everything is to do something big.

    Oh, the problems that can be had.


  • Matty the Batty Strip #21

    Mr. Owl loves Matty the Batty.

    Loves to eat him that is.

    Oh that, Mr. Owl.


    Matty the Batty Strip #21

  • Tony & Bob Strip #10

    Good ol’ Spanky.

    A good foil to Tony & Bob.

    He loves the Big Dogs. and the Big Dogs want to eat him.


  • Mellie the Cat Strip #20

    A Prelude to Mellies BBQ Blowout.

    One of many things I imagine Mellie and Ralph do when Me and my Wife are not home. I kid of course but hey you never know.

    Side Note: The math on the chalkboard is real.

    At least I hope so.


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