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Exploring the worlds of Mellie the Cat (Friday), Matty the Batty (Wednesday), and Tony & Bob (Monday Bi-Weekly)

  • Sunday Comics 11/26/23

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day and weekend.

    For some more enjoyment, here is this week’s comics.

    In Color.


  • Mellie the Cat #86

    Froggy shows a range of emotions for a Statue.

    Its shattering.


  • Tony & Bob #42

    Everyone knows Bob has the Hookup. …the Hookup with Pretty Flowers that is.

    Bob is such a Softy. Tell no one.


  • Sunday Comics 11/19/23

    With Thanksgiving coming up, Mellie and Matty this week represent what Thanksgiving can represent.

    Meeting new friends and drunkenness.

    Even though it leads to confessions about not wearing underwear and meeting imaginary people.


  • Mellie the Cat #85

    Introducing Froggy.

    It’s not a new character. It’s a Statue.

    It’s not real.

    But Mellie thinks it is. And that’s what counts.



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