A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Four)

Recap- “When going to a friend’s art supply store, A Cartoonist finds trouble and a dead body. A note is found and in the note a man named Gino Savino is named as a possible suspect. Unfortunately, it’s also the Cartoonist’s father”  “HES MY F&!#ing FATHER”. I shouted. “Ok..Ok..” stammered Tommy. He was obviously shakenContinue reading “A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Four)”

Mellie Classic #6

There’s the old expression “Its Crude to be Kind” ….Ok I know its a song but the phrase still applies here. The Mellie Classics were my first attempt at a strip and this is an example why I initially scraped it. Although Ralph the Turtle as Lois Lane still makes me Laugh.

Matty Strips #7-10

Continuing to collecting my Wednesday Matty the Batty strips from the Slap Comics Facebook page. Plus One of my favorite strips for good luck. Enjoy.

 A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Two)

Recap-A Local Cartoonist who makes his way to his friend’s art supply store to only to be surprised by a large explosion and out of the rumble he finds something even more disturbing.  As the Cartoonist moved through the skeletal structure, the frightening image loomed over him like a scarecrow over a cornfield. Its blackenedContinue reading ” A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (Part Two)”

Mellie Classic #5

This strip was inspired by my cat Mellie constantly wanted to run out the front door when we first got her so going out and in became a challenge to me and my wife. And I am sure that it became a challenge to her too. Oh boy that Mellie.


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