Matty the Batty Strip #28

Matty the Batty is a Space Case. Apparently after that Special Mushroom Matty got shot to the Moon. Hes flying High….Literally. Enjoy.

Tony & Bob Strip #14

Bob is the best Banker in the Neighborhood. Pay up or lose one of your body parts. Enjoy.

Mellie the Cat Strip #27

Ralph loves the ground (And the Water…Hes a Turtle Afterall) and Mellie loves the spirit of Adventure. Both represent both sides of my personality. A Paradox. I am not a fan of heights, but I love the idea of flying and maybe one day SKYDIVING. I know it’s strange but what can you do. Enjoy.

Matty the Batty Strip #27

Spring. Matty, like Most People, doesn’t like to be woken up. And since Matty is a Bat and Bats are Nocturnal, He doesn’t like the many sounds of Spring. Its loud and bothersome. Matty, it’s time to soundproof that Cave. Enjoy.

Mellie the Cat Strip #26

Mellies Big Balloon Adventure. Jumping on the Hot Air Balloon is hard enough for most people but for Ralph its harder. Especially with such short arms. I love this panel. It’s still one of my favorites. Even a year later I still love it. I added the editor’s note later on because I wasn’t sure […]

Matty the Batty Strip #26

Matty has problems with the girlfriend. We all have faced it. The problem is that Matty has a girlfriend who has sonic blast. Oh, poor Matty. Hang in there. Enjoy.

Tony & Bob Strip #13

Spanky loves the Big Dogs…and he goes at lengths to tell you so. As you can tell I love to do strips that have a Special Message from my many characters from Slap Comics. Spanky is no different. Enjoy.

Sunday Comics 9/18/22

Comics in Color. Some of these strips are my older comics. While I still am proud of these, some of my current work is better. Check some of my newer comic strip on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Enjoy.


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