Matty the Batty #44

Why did Matty cross the road? As you can see. The question is answered. For Matty to get to Pet Palace. That Bat loves those tasty bugs. Enjoy.

Mugs Bear #5

Go Ahead, Make his Day. Mugs is doing his best Dirty Harry impression. Enjoy.

Mellie the Cat #43

Mellie’s Big Break Part Five Mellie escaped and decided to jump in the tree. But there’s a problem with this. Cats stereotypically get stuck in trees. And Mellie is no different. Enjoy.

Matty the Batty #43

Matty decided to poke the proverbial bear with a stick. The Bees decided to get some Vengeance for their Bee brothers and Matty is not going to love the outcome. Happy Trails, Matty. Enjoy.

Tony & Bob #21

Everyone has a Guilty Pleasure. In this case, Bob has a love for British period dramas but doesn’t want to admit it. Oh Bob, Its Ok. Enjoy.

Mellie the Cat #42

Mellie’s Big Break Part Four As previously stated, Brutus the Street Cat loves West Side Story. He just loves the Gang Life. Plus, the dance moves. Rita Moreno is a legend to him and wishes to meet her. Ralph realized that would be a good distraction. Poor Brutus. That face of his is priceless. And…

Matty the Batty #42

Poor, Poor Matty. You tried to get Revenge and It cost you. Hopefully it doesn’t bite you in the butt. Or maybe to be more specific, Sting you in the butt. Enjoy.

Tony & Bob Strip #20

In this Blog, I am posted things that I put on my social media pages months earlier. So, this was originally published on October 31st. Tony and Bob are the Bad Boys. And what does Bad Boys do on Halloween. Throw Eggs and Shaving Cream. Tsk Tsk, Tony and Bob. Enjoy.


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