Mugs Bear #14

Mugs Bear is being questioned by the Fuzz. Hopefully he doesn’t snitch. Because as we all know Snitches get Stitches. Enjoy.

Mellie the Cat #62

Expectations vs Reality. Reality never lives up to the Expectations. Especially with Mellie. Enjoy. (Note: This is a pretty old strip. The art in this strip doesn’t reflect my current art style)

Tony & Bob #31

Tony and Bob are ready to go on stage and perform. Too bad Willow is not. Enjoy.

Matty the Batty #60

Matty can be a bit Clueless. As much as the VW Bug could look good enough to eat, its not Food, Matty. The Shame, Matty. The Shame. Enjoy.

Mugs Bear #13

Mugs loves to have some Fun in the Sun. He goes to Miami. Cue in the Will Smith song. Enjoy.


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