Sunday Comics 9/24/23

Today in New York Its Raining. Cloudy and Gloomy. But here on Sunday Its always full of Color. Full of Comics in Color that is. Enjoy. Matty the Batty Mellie the Cat

A Very Slap Comics Crossover

On September 6th, 2021, I started Slap Comics. I created Mellie the Cat, Matty the Batty and then a little later the street punks Tony & Bob. In Early 2022, I wanted to do a Crossover for my one-year anniversary, but I felt I wasn’t a good enough writer and artist to pull it off.…

Mellie the Cat #77

There comes a time when it’s Over. And it seems that Mellie had enough. Too bad Mr. Oz didn’t get that memo. Enjoy.

Matty the Batty #76 

Matty loves to believe he’s bigger than he really is (Don’t we all) His Nephew Roddy also believes something. He believes Uncle Matty has some issues. Well, that’s obvious. Enjoy.

Mugs Bear #20

It’s a Me, Super Mugs. Mugs stole Mario’s hat. Mario is not pleased. Toad for some reason, Loves it. Enjoy.

Matty: An Origin Story

Its National Batman Day. So, I decided to tell the Origin of my Bat Creation. Matty. The Short Story is Matty is Me. The Long Story is a bit more complex than that. Three years ago, I created a first draft of a Mellie the Cat comic strip that went all types of wrong. The…

Mellie the Cat #76

Mellie believes she is a Superhero. And What does Superheroes do? Fly, of course. Well, some do. And as you can see, Mellie isn’t one of them. Enjoy.

Matty the Batty #75 

Matty decided to catch a Leprechaun. Too bad he mistakenly thought he was a genie. Enjoy.

Tony & Bob #38

Bob has a Problem with Dates. Don’t we all. At least he has Tony to keep him in line. Enjoy. (Note this comic strip was originally posted on the Slap Comics social media on July 3rd)


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