Slap Comics

Exploring the worlds of Mellie the Cat (Friday), Matty the Batty (Wednesday), and Tony & Bob (Monday Bi-Weekly)

  • Matty the Batty #84 

    As you can see, Matty is starting to get drunk.

    And the Confessions are getting silly.

    Oh, Matty I thinks it’s time to lay off the sauce.

    And get some underwear.


  • Mugs Bear #24

    Sometime surprised Mugs Bear.

    What it was. Who knows. Maybe a Surprise Party? An unexpected visitor from out of town?

    Your Guess is as good as mine.


  • Sunday Comics 11/12/23

    Matty does more Confessions. Ralph sings the songs of the Lion King.

    And Tony talks some more Smack.

    What more could you ask for on a Beautiful Sunday Morning.

    All this and it’s in Color.


  • Mellie the Cat #84

    Apparently for Ralph, it was too difficult to sing Hakuna Matata.

    Well Mellie, no worries.


  • Matty the Batty #83 

    Matty continues his Confessions.

    And he gets into some Hard Truths.

    Food is to consume, not playthings.


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