Spider man: One More Day Aftermath

So let’s talk about One More Day 15 years later. The Aftermath started with Harry Osborn returning from the grave. Good start (I didn’t like that particular death). All the titles are cancelled except Amazing Spider-Man, the flagship title. Ok good. Also it’s shipped weekly. Ok, That I could have lived it without but stillContinue reading “Spider man: One More Day Aftermath”

The (Black) Widow’s Sting 

I will tell you something that you probably don’t know. Black Widow was never an A- list superhero.  B- level at best. The hero who joined the Avengers only when the real team couldn’t be there. With characters like the Black Knight, Sersi, and Hercules. She was pretty lame with a generic costume and origin.Continue reading “The (Black) Widow’s Sting “