A Very Slap Comics Crossover

On September 6th, 2021, I started Slap Comics.

I created Mellie the Cat, Matty the Batty and then a little later the street punks Tony & Bob.

In Early 2022, I wanted to do a Crossover for my one-year anniversary, but I felt I wasn’t a good enough writer and artist to pull it off. (I still don’t think I am I good enough but that’s another story. Lol)

So for my second anniversary I decided to pull the trigger so to speak.

And without further ado, it starts with a potential threat. An Enemy is Stalking our Hero.

Then it begins.

The Chase.

Then when you think that’s the end of it.

The Chase intrudes into Mellie’s Comic Strip.

And also Mugs Bears’ Time.

And Finally, Bob steps in to Help.

But like with anything Bob does it comes with a price.


Hopefully for Matty it isn’t the last time he sees Mr. Owl.

I highly doubt it.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as enjoyed made it.

Thank You.

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