Matty: An Origin Story

Its National Batman Day. So, I decided to tell the Origin of my Bat Creation.


The Short Story is Matty is Me.

The Long Story is a bit more complex than that. Three years ago, I created a first draft of a Mellie the Cat comic strip that went all types of wrong. The Art was Juvenile, and the Writing was very Amateurish. I was devastated. I wanted to give up.

Instead, I decided to start from scratch. So, I needed to create a new character. Something that wasn’t just another cartoon cat. I started going through the list of different animals that could be possible. The answer became obvious.

A Bat.

And his name would be Matty.

The only reason was that the name Matty the Batty made me laugh. Apparently, I was the only one. Oh well, that would have to be enough.

The First Matty the Batty
One of my favorites of Matty Strips

Mattys personality is very much like Me.

Hés very off center, at times not too bright, and very clueless. Although He can see the Absurdness in others, but he can’t see it in himself.

He has a Girlfriend named Patty (I know how original of a name), The Minnie to his Mickey. One of the only people that can put Matty in his place.

He also has a nephew named Roddy, much like Louie, Huey and Dewey is to Donald Duck (As you can see, I am very Disney inspired)

Matty’s Girlfriend, Patty
Matty’s nephew Roddy

He also has an archnemesis named Mr. Owl, who as you can figure out by his name is an Owl, a natural enemy to the bat.

Over 100 strips later, Matty the Batty is only getting started.

Hopefully I don’t run out of ideas.


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