The True Story of the Real Mellie the Cat

A little over Three Years Ago during the Covid pandemic, I had an idea, or at least I seen something that inspired an idea. A comic strip online. I understand sometime later that it wasn’t an original idea, but I loved it and went with it.

Two years prior, my Wife found a kitty on the street and took it in. We named her Melanie, Mellie for short and she was the most mischievous Kitty you can imagine.

So, when I decided to create a comic strip, Mellie seemed to be the obvious choice for a subject.

The Real Mellie the Cat

I started to draw sketches of Mellie the Cat and knew I had a Winner. Her rambunctious nature and my quirky sense of humor would be something I can work with.

Below is one of the first images I drew. Very rough to be sure but I felt I had something special.

Early Image of Mellie

Over the last two years, my art style has evolved and so has Mellie. While the character is still crazy as ever, her look and hopefully my writing of humor has improved as well.

I have added more characters and other comic strips to my blog and my social media accounts, but Mellie will always be special to me. Hopefully I will be able to write and draw Mellie the Cat for years to come.


Mellie the Cat today

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