Slap Comics Presents #3: One Year Later

On September 6th of last year, I started to post comic strips on social media and on this blog. First it was just Mellie the Cat and Matty the Batty then a few months later I started a strip called Tony & Bob. The Street Cats with Hearts of Gold.

Over the past year I had a lot of growth as an artist. My style developed (and is still developing) and characters’ looks have changed. Some more than others.

The Characters that changed the most were Tony & Bob. I created them as the muscle of a Mellie the Cat Supporting Character named Brutus. A cat that loves West Side Story and also loves Mellie a little too much. They were initially throw-away characters that had no real purpose. That is until I gave them a purpose. Giving them their own strip. I will be honest. I didn’t put real thought into their appearance like I did with Mellie or Matty. But over the coming months I developed their appearance and personalities. I grew to love them.

So now almost a year later, I did something George Lucas did. (Something people still criticize him for) I did a Special Edition version of their original strips. These are a first two strips of Tony & Bob and as you can see, they look quite different. I hope you like them.


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