The Thin Line of Love (part six) (The Cartoonist 3)

Recap- “The Cartoonist and his girl go to Miami and find a dead person in their hotel room. The Identity of the murder victim…His own Sister, who has been going around town looking for him. The Cartoonist gets confirmation from his dad and tracks the orphanage she was in. He finds out that she was a troublemaker. 

She was Daddy’s Little Girl… though and though. 

After some research he finds an address in which he finds a surprising secret” 


At this point I am in a daze. A daze in which I am not sure what to think, feel or say. The type of moment that pulls you out of your body. An out of body experience if you will. I stand there at the door curious as to what to do next. The person at the door is confused as well but for a different reason than me. I’m definitely sure of that. She finally asks, “Is there something I can help with you with?” I look at her and have nothing. I came here with all types of questions and knew exactly how to say it. But when the door opened, I froze because the identity of the person who opened it made me question my own sanity. I tell her who I am, and she seemed to recognize my work as a Cartoonist. All this time I was looking into the death of a woman who was maybe my sister. A woman who the police feel that I am the prime suspect. I would agree that would sound logical if I didn’t see the woman right in front of me. My own sister Gina Fox. I ask her if I can come in and at first, she seemed confused, but she said “yes, Please Come In”. So, I did. 

It was a nice place with a lot of space. Not much furniture. It’s an older house but it seemed to have been renovated recently with an all-modern look to it. She asked if I wanted a seat. We sat down and she asked if I wanted any water. I politely said no thank you. I figure that my semi celebrity status if you want to call it that got me this far so I will get to the point. I told her that my father was Gino Savino. She seemed to recognize that name, so I continued on. I mention the murder and that the woman in question was identified as her. I told her that the police believe I was a person of interest because I was her brother. When I told her that she seemed to be taken back by that. Whether it was because I told her that I can be her brother or that I was a potential murderer is anyone’s guess. But if I was a betting man, I would think it’s the former. She was silent for a minute and then “Ok so I guess I need to see Miami PD to sort this out” I told her the name of the detective investigating the case and she asks me to leave. She walks me to the door. “This is all sudden to find out that I have a brother. I can’t process this now but when I can I would like to talk more” I give her my number then I call another cab and leave. 

I call Cidra. We were supposed to have lunch earlier, but I call beforehand to cancel because of the circumstances. We end up deciding to have an early dinner at one of the local night spots in Miami. We meet up, have a nice meal and I fill her in on my day. She is silent for the most part. Then when I finish, she takes my hand and smiles. “Your life isn’t the easiest, is it, Sugar?” We both have a good laugh and order another round of drinks. She is definitely the love of my life. The bright spot in my crazy world. We go back to the hotel and make some beautiful love. The type that makes your toes curl. Passionate, loving and orgasmic. Afterwards we order room service and plenty of alcohol. It’s that type of night. We sit in bed continuing to talk about the day but this time it’s about hers. 

This was the last day at the Con. She has been working with her brother at the Mugs Bear Booth. Apparently not as a model but in sales and promotion. “He wants me to take a management position in the company. He doesn’t like that I model in skimpy outfits” To be honest I don’t either. I only like when she models for me personally. I don’t say that, but she knows it. She continues “It’s a pretty good position and the pay is very good, but I still want to go into photography” I tell her why not do both. Work for your brother then work some gigs on the side. After when more work continues to pour in, just quit. She sees the logic in that but fears that a corporate job will be too hard to walk away from with such a large paycheck. I can understand that, but I tell her that she has to always keep in mind of her dream. She pauses and then she asks how I am feeling knowing that I have a sister. A sister that at first thought was dead and now apparently alive. It’s a hard question to answer I tell her. On one hand relived to know she’s alive but scary that I have a sibling I know nothing about. Background checks aside. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. We then decide to call it a night and go to sleep. 

The next morning, I get a call. It’s Gina. My new sister. “I talked to the police, and I was asked to identify the corpse. Do you want to come with me? Afterwards I would love to go somewhere to talk” I agree, and we are to meet at the county morgue. I wait in front because the last thing I want to see is a dead body again. I have seen enough to last me a number of lifetimes. She and the detective start to leave the building. The detective has a grim look on his face while Gina looks like she is about to cry. I look at her and she lowers her head. I ask what’s wrong?

She starts to hold back her tears.

“I identified the Body. She was my sister”

To be Continued….

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