The Thin Line of Love (part one) (The Cartoonist 3)

 Recap- “After solving crimes, one legally and one illegally, the Cartoonist gets the girl and lives happily ever after…at least for now”


Headed to Miami

Happily, Ever After. It’s a nice theory. But in my experience, it’s not always the road most traveled. But so far, it’s been looking like it may change. After the completion of the Mugs Bear Murder, Me and Cidra rode into the sunset and have been living happily ever after. Hopefully it will continue. We have been dating for about 6 months now and things have been great. We are still working the convention circuit but now we do it together. This coming week we are headed to Miami. Two for the price of One. I am going to be doing a signing on Day One, but Cidra is working a full four days of the Con. Afterwards we will be staying for the rest of the week enjoying a well-deserved vacation from the craziness of the Con life. 

She drops by my place to pick me up so we can drive to the airport. “Hey Sugar, You Ready?” I nod yes and get my suitcase and my carry on. We exit my apartment and head to her car. Then drive to the airport and we are on our way. The flight takes about three hours. Not long. Just long enough to do some thumbnails sketches for my comic strips while listening to some tunes. Cidra reads a novel while playfully touching my thigh. Such a tease but I love it. We land at Miami International around noon. Since the Con doesn’t start until tomorrow, we have plenty of time to settle in our hotel and maybe see the nightlife. We take a cab to the Hotel and arrive at the front desk where a guy named Jose checks us in. While not the speediest of service, he is a pretty nice guy. He points out the best cafes, and restaurants. Also, some great clubs, because Cidra loves to dance. Me, on the other hand have two left feet. 

After settling in our room, we decide to check out a place to eat. We decide on one of the restaurants Jose recommended. The place is called the Blue Dahlia. A classy joint but it seems like it was decorated by the dog in the show Blue’s Clues. All Blue. We discuss the next few days. As I said I will be doing a Q&A and signing after on the first day. Cidra on the other hand has to be working the Con the whole time. All four days at the Mugs Bear Toy Company booth. I know it’s ironic considering the whole murder and her connection to it but hey it helps that she is sister of one of the owners. After the meal we head to the lounge where Cidra wants to make out. Who am I to say no? Kissing a little and having a drink. We dance at one of the local clubs and then call it a night. 

We take a cab to the Hotel and since we are both a little tipsy, we have a little trouble heading upstairs. Thank God for elevators because otherwise we would have been screwed. We head to our room and a sense of dread runs over me. I see that the door is slightly ajar. I look over to Cidra but she doesn’t seem to notice. I open the door and look inside and nothing seems touched but appearances can be deceiving. And deceiving it was because there was something different. Very different. I wonder why this always seems to be happening to me. 

In the middle of the room, there was a woman. Her neck was slashed and there was a lot of blood. Cidra screamed. I nearly vomited. 

Again, I repeat.

Why does this always seems to be happen to me?

To be continued…

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