The Big Sketch (part twelve) (The Cartoonist 2) (Conclusion)

Recap: “After the murder of Dave is solved, The Cartoonist needs to have a talk with the woman who stole his heart, Cidra”

As Gary is arrested and processed, Ralph is being released. He’s cleared. I am getting ready to meet up with Cidra. I am not sure if I should. Nervous. The end result is most likely rejection. The speech about how it was just sex and that she can’t be tied down. Can we still be friends? Possibly with Benefits? Not so sure about the answers to those questions. It’s not that simple. I am over the moon about this girl. How do I go back? Can I go back? Can I take emotion out of the equation? That a lot of questions and not enough answers. Even after the whole Mugs Bear murder situation and being in the hospital because I was attacked, I still believe this is more frightening to face. I take a shower and decide to face the situation head on. I get dressed and head out to meet her. I get there early, and I wait. Being there early there is an advantage. A sign of strength. I don’t feel strong. I am scared shitless. 

She arrives a few minutes late. Fashionably late and hot as hell. A tube top and a mini skirt. Maybe it’s a power move. Like when I decided to be early. Showing what I will be losing after this conversation. A little mean but that’s not Cidra. At least not the Cidra I know. She looks at me like she’s embarrassed. Her eyes are darting around like she’s avoiding my glances. She’s nervous. Oh boy, this is not going to end well. We both sit there for about 5 minutes staring at each other wondering who is going to flinch first. She started first. “Ok…well this is awkward. I just wanted to say that I thought our date and… our time later was amazing” She puts her head down for a minute and then looks up again. “I wasn’t expecting how well it would go. I have dated a lot of men…and some women. Mostly to kill time and…to get laid” She tilts her head like she is a little ashamed. “Then when I heard what happened to you. I wasn’t sure what to do so I didn’t come”

At that point she turns her head and looks at the window. She takes a deep breath and turns toward me. “I just want to say that…” She seems reluctant to continue. I should put her out of her misery and tell her that its ok. Don’t worry it. We can still be friends if she wants. No strings. She looks like she’s about to regain her nerve. “…When I invited you back to my place, I thought we would have sex but…instead we made love”. I was confused about what she is saying. I was expecting the exit, but it seems like an entrance. She sees the confusion and starts to continue. “I had feelings for you for long time. You are a great guy. Smart. Funny. Sweet. All our conversations were always something I looked forward to” I always looked forward to them too I thought but I let her continue. “I didn’t pursue anything because I thought you may have not interested. But when you asked me out, I got excited. After you got attacked, I was afraid to see you in that condition. I couldn’t stand to lose you in that way, so I hid”

She looked like she was trying to get something out. She took a deep breath and just came out with it. “I love you” I stood there in shock not knowing what to say next. She saw my hesitation and start to say. “…well if you don’t feel the same…” Then I quickly said I LOVE YOU TOO. She displayed the most biggest, the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She puts her hand in mine, leans over and kisses me in the sweetest most passionate way I ever been kissed. I was in heaven. I don’t think I can any happier than I am now. After the kiss she whispers in my ear “Does this mean that I am your girlfriend?” I nod yes and I kiss her again. We have a couple of coffees then we head to my place for some quality time. If you know what I mean. Wink, Wink. 

After the arrest of Gary and the release of Ralph, Ralph still let go from the Mugs Bear Toy Company. He signed over his 5% of the company for a hefty sum and goes quietly into the night. The shares are split up between the shareholders, so Jimmy Thomas doesn’t get his majority ownership. 

Me and Cidra are continuing to date. Seeing where this takes us. Jimmy seems to be happy for us.  I hope that lasts.

The End.

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