The Big Sketch (part eight) (The Cartoonist 2)

Recap: “At the local Comic Con, A dead body is found. His friend Dave.  His other friend Ralph, the prime suspect. He comes home, a gun is at his head. Ralph wants to talk. According to Ralph, James Thomas wants him out of the way for control of Mugs Bear. After this encounter the Cartoonist asks out Cidra for a date and it goes well only to find out that James Thomas is her brother. After a talk with Jimmy takes makes him believe Jimmy’s side and a talk with Gino that gives him a new suspect, the Cartoonist is attacked and blacks out”




I can’t open my eyes. I can’t move. A lot of pain. My eyes finally open. Light. Blinding Light. I close my eyes again. When I open them again, the light isn’t as bright. My eyes adjust. I am in, what I believe is a hospital bed. I look around and try to move. Its slow because I am incredible pain. A nurse comes in and tells me to get back in bed. I wish I could resist but the pain tells me that the nurse is right. He helps me in bed and tells me that it’s time for some meds. I ask what happened. He says that I was brought in by some EMTs and that I was in bad shape. I ask how long I have been here. A couple of days. Apparently, I have been in and out of consciousness. The nurse tells me that he will call the doctor and update him on my condition. After the meds I fall asleep. 

I wake up and a doctor comes in and starts to check up on me. He says Good Morning. I say, “What’s up, Doc?” He says “Cute. How Original” I ask him about my condition. He says that I have a mild concussion but beyond that only a lot of bruises. No broken bones and no ligament damage. It doesn’t feel that way but what do I know I’m no doctor. I am going to be observed for a couple of days and then I will be released. I tell him thank you and he leave the room. The nurse comes back to give some more meds. And I take another nap. Some bad dreams follow that involve Murder, Bears and Sex Dungeons (Don’t ask). 

I wake up with a visitor in my room. Jimmy Thomas. I am a little startled by him. He sees that I flinched and puts up his hands. “Woah, Woah. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just wanted to see if you were ok” I look at him with suspicious eyes and it seems that he picks up on it. “Hey, I see what you are thinking. It wasn’t me that did this” I tell him that I was attacked after our talk. It can’t be a coincidence. “Look I wouldn’t do something like this. I’m innocent” He comes off as sincere. He never seemed the type, no matter what Ralph says. I tell him as much. He sighs with relieve. “I know who did though” I look at him with curiosity. “It had to be Ralph. It had to be. He is knocking you off because you were with Cidra. Also, you were looking into the murder” The mention of Cidra’s name perks me up. I ask him if she has been by. He looks at me with pity. “Sadly No. I don’t she is coming either” He sees the sadness and disappointment in my eyes. He starts to leave. “I got to go. Heal up, Mr. Cartoonist. Call me if you need anything” He exits. I fall asleep. 

I wake up with a sense of dread. So, I guess my date with Cidra didn’t mean much to her. Just another conquest for her. Oh well I guess we still have Paris. For you young people, It’s a reference from an old movie. God, I’m old. Gino comes to visit. “So kid, how is things?” I tell him So So. “Well I will beat that guy senseless when I find him. You can count on it” And coming from Gino I really can. “No new news that I can dig on your friend’s murder but that will be on hold until I catch this bastard. I am going to go door to door to see what’s what” See I knew he cared. He leaves when visiting hours are over and I am alone to think. In pain. Physically and Emotionally. 

The next morning the nurse comes in to check on my mobility. We walk to halls and things feel a little better. I am told that I will be released tomorrow. Physically I am better. Emotionally not so much. I am wondering whether I should call Cidra. Maybe not. I don’t know. I don’t want to be the puppy dog that begs to be loved. After some physical therapy I check my phone for messages. Nothing from Cidra but plenty from my publisher. Plus, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Word got around. 

The next day I get ready to be released. I put my clothes on and head to the nurse’s station to fill out a few forms. There is a TV on behind the counter. The morning news. There’s Breaking Story unfolding. I barely believe my eyes as I look at the headline.


Oh boy. 

To be Continued…



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