The Big Sketch (part six) (The Cartoonist 2)

Recap: “At the local Comic Con, A dead body is found. His friend Dave.  His other friend Ralph is now the prime suspect. Cidra tells him that they were in a secret business deal with someone the Cartoonist knows well..his father. After talking with his dad he comes home and a gun is at his head. Ralph wants to talk. They talk. According to Ralph, James Thomas wants him out of the way for control of Mugs Bear. After this encounter the Cartoonist asks out Cidra for a date”


A Date with Cidra. 

A Dream comes true. I dress up for the occasion. Dress shirt with slacks. I know its not the nicest but hey I think it will work. She texts me her address and I am on the first subway train out. One day I need to get a car. Hell first I need a drivers license. But with living in New York City, who needs a license. I get off the bus and start to walk toward her place. I stop by the local florist and buy a single red rose. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. 

Finally, I get to her place. I’m nervous. I haven’t been on a date in quite some time. Then it hits me. Is this a date? I asked her to dinner I never said that it was a date. Oh well I will play this as cool as possible. I ring the doorbell and wait. She opens the door, and she is drop dead gorgeous. Simply stunning. I stand there, mouth open and nothing to say. She starts “Close that mouth unless you plan on putting something in it. Come in. I will be ready in a minute” I step inside and wait in her vestibule. By the way she’s dressed I realize this is definitely a date. She comes back with her purse and says she’s ready to go. 

We drive in her car to the place. It’s an Italian place that is a favorite of mine. Classy place. Only the best for Cidra. We get seated and start looking at the menus. We order and then we talk. We talk about our lives. I tell her about Gino, growing up with a single mom and how I got into art. Basically, my life from when I was born though college and also how I got my first break into the business. She knows the rest since knowing each other for 10 years we always talk of our hobbies and loves. She goes into her life. She was one of 5 siblings. The only girl in a pack of boys. We was a top student in high school, went to NYU and majored in Art History. After she finished she interned at a few art galleys and the Met. She realized by then she didn’t fit into the scene of Art. She also got into geek culture at that point and fell in love. 

After the meal we had dessert which was an amazing Tiramisu and she talked about how after falling in love with geek culture she got into cosplay and modeling. After going to some conventions in cosplay we was offered to be a booth girl for some company which led to some others. She loves the job but realizes that as she gets older less and less booth babe jobs would come her way. As she got into social media the love of photography surfaced and she has been taking classes at a local community college. So far she’s done a few small jobs as a freelance photographer but is hoping to continue with bigger projects. He after some drinks it was time to leave. I pick up the check and we head out. As I was opening my door Cidra steps in front of me. “Sugar, we can do this two ways. One I take you home and end this night. Or Two I take you to my place and this night continues”. I look at her and say “Two”. She smiles and winks “I will make it worth your while”

She drives to her place. A nice condo in Bay Ridge. It must have cost a pretty penny. Apparently Con girls make good loot. She leads me in and says, “Make yourself at home”. She goes inside the bedroom. I sit on the couch. It’s a nice place. One bedroom, one bath and a small kitchenette/living room. Its Cozy. She comes back in the living room in sweats and a tank top. Her hair in a ponytail. She makes tea and we sit together on the couch. It doesn’t take long before we are making out. Slow at first. A simple kiss turns into a longer one until we were in full make mode. Then it turned to heavy petting. After about 5 minutes she whispers in my ear “Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” I nod Yes and she leads me in. She sits me down on the bed. Straddles me like she’s giving me a lap dance. I take my shirt off while she takes her top off. The shirt was the last action I did because after that she did all the work. She rides me like a bronco in heat and she is loving every moment of it. I am too. After its over she lays in my arms and we both pass out for exhaustion. 

I wake up the morning and she is still in my arms. It’s a different position from what I remember. I lay there and I’m happy. A dream comes true. A beautiful woman in my arms. An amazing woman at that. She wakes up and smiles. “Hey Sugar, Have a good sleep?” With a Big Smile on my face, I tell her Definitely. She shows pride in her face like she knew the answer before she asked. Going inside and makes breakfast. She brings it in, and we both have breakfast in bed. I tell her what been going on. My “investigation” into Dave’s murder, my dad’s theories and Ralph’s visit in my home. She nods and is taking everything in. Then I mention Ralph’s theory on who he thinks murdered Dave and conspiracy against him. She turns white as ghost. Like someone just died. She gets up and says “No. No. No. That’s not possible. Can’t be” I ask what’s the matter. She turns her head and say never mind. 

After a little prodding she says “Jimmy would never do it. No, he wouldn’t” 

I ask how would she know this for sure. 

She says “Because he is my brother”

To be continued…

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