Matty the Batty Strip #1

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be posting Comic Strips that originally was shown on my social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Mondays will be Tony & Bob, Wednesdays will be Matty the Batty and Friday will Mellie the Cat.

Matty the Batty is my second character I created after Mellie the Cat. After my first attempt at Mellie the Cat (which was a failure which led to my second attempt at Mellie) I thought of Matty the Batty. The name came first which I thought was hilarious (no one else I told thought so).

This strip was very truthful, I had no ideas at the time of writing it and thought it was fitting. A Bat with a Bat, At Bat. Ha.


Matty the Batty Strip #1

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