A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part fifteen) Conclusion

Recap- “After his mentor is killed, A cartoonist investigates a crime that involves his father. It leads him to his father’s partner and Ella Monroe who tell him his father left town. The assistant tells him Ray was involved with crime and she’s Ray’s Wife. Looks for evidence. Then his dad gives him some info with real evidence. After getting grilled he finds out that the real Ella is died. Vito leads him to Ray’s partner in crime who leads to his and Ray’s other partner, the detective investigating Ray’s murder. After telling the detectives partner of his crimes he goes home and finds himself at the barrel of a gun and there’s a Bang”


That’s the sound I hear and then black. 

I wake up. I feel I had been hit by a pile of bricks. In front of me was the body of Detective Thomas with a bullet in the head. A note lying on top of his body. I pick it up and read “I put a bullet in his head to save your life. He was abusive, cruel and extremely jealous. I am sorry that I used you. You are very sweet guy and one day I hope to make it up to you. Love, Ella”. One day I need to find out her name. 

I realize that a dead cop’s body will not go over well with the police so I call the only person that can help…Gino. Gino picks up and tells me he will be right there. He comes in about 15 minutes and is ready with his tools. He tells me to leave and that I can return in an hour. I go to the local diner to get a coffee. It’s early but the diner is open 24 hours. 

About 50 minutes later, Gino comes in, sits down and orders coffee. He finished early. He lays it on me. “The body has been disposed of. Don’t worry I won’t give you the details. Let’s just say that if anyone comes looking there’s breadcrumbs that would suggest he skipped town” I nod with understanding and continue to slip my coffee. I’m uneasy with the idea that I am involved with the conspiracy of dead body especially of a cop, but the alternative doesn’t suit well either.  I am not made for prison.

I ask Gino what’s the story with Ella aka Brittney Song or whatever her name was. Also, what’s the deal with Ray’s wife. He starts “The chick you knew as Ella was a con artist that worked the East Coast. Her name was Jessica Hardwick. Small time stuff. I guess she started to work herself up the ladder. She realized that Ray was working with Vito, so she sniffed around Ray, got to be Vito’s personal secretary on Ray’s recommendation. She hooked up with Vito’s bodyguard Rob, muscled in on the Money Laundering Deal and when things went sideways with Ray’s death, she tried to hedge her bets by getting Ray’s records to extort money from Vito.”

I ask What about Ray’s wife? And what about the wedding photos in Rays place? “Ray’s wife was named Ella Monroe. Nice girl. Ray married her after a few months dating. Jessica used Ella’s credentials to land the job with Vito. I guess she didn’t want anyone to go checking up on her background. Her one mistake was playing with the emotions of one Thomas Rodger who was on Vito’s payroll. Hes a total nutcase, as you well know, you were lucky to survive.” I told him that it wasn’t luck it was Ella aka Jessica that saved me. “Ok maybe there is some good in her Afterall.”

“As for the wedding photos I’m not sure. Most likely Jessica created them using Photo shop, have you break in and if this went south have you as the fall guy. You’re lucky that she didn’t know that I’m your poppa” I think about this and its sound. He gets up and starts to leave. I ask him if he wants to stay and have breakfast. “Nah I have a date to keep. Later kid” And he walks out. I have breakfast, pay the check and leave. I think about why Jessica saved me. Who knows? Maybe someday I will find out.

The End.

Until next time.

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