Eternal(ly) Grateful

Matty as Ikaris

The Eternals. 

They were characters that I was never familiar with. A group of characters that Jack Kirby wrote and drew in the 70’s. An Alien group of Superheroes created by the The Celestials to defend Earth from the Deviants. My one and only exposure to the Eternals was a mini series written by Neil Gaiman (I’m a Gaiman fan) and art by Daniel Acuna (a cool artist) so going into the MCU movie was like being a Eternals virgin (so to speak).

The movie was while not my favorite Marvel movie (not even my top 10) it’s still an entertaining movie. Beautifully shot. Characters are likable. Everyone has their  moments. Action sequences were great especially the Icarkis battle scenes. The closest thing to date that the MCU has to Superman (that is until the Sentry is introduced). The story works for the most part. The only thing I would change if I could is the length. It drags on too long at times and could have used a edit. Beyond that its still an enjoyable movie. 

*Possible Spoilers*

The cameos at the end were one of highlights. Pip the Troll and Starfox showing up was pretty cool although they were characters that I hoped that would be been in Avengers Endgame (Adam Warlock too) because they were connected (in the Infinity Saga in the comics). I guess better late than never. I hope there is a sequel because I would hate to leave things with a cliffhanger. Although knowing how Marvel operates if there no sequel another movie or tv series will end up taking up the trend eventually. 


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