A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part thirteen)

Recap- “After his mentor is killed, A cartoonist investigates a crime that involves his father. It leads him to his father’s partner and Ella Monroe who tell him his father left town. The assistant tells him Ray was involved with crime and she’s Ray’s Wife. Looks for evidence. Then his dad gives him some info with real evidence. Then two cops are at his door. After getting grilled he finds out that the real Ella is died. His father’s partner Vito leads him to Vince, Ray’s partner in crime who leads to his and Ray’s other partner, the detective investigating Ray’s murder” 

As I sat there across from Vince, I thought what I will do with this information. Can I go to the police especially when the investigating Detective is the perp? I say my goodbyes to the 70’s era giant and start walking the streets.

 I call Gino and there’s no answer which I guess is pretty normal for him. He never answers his calls. Then I call Vito and get a voice mail. At first, I think that’s strange but then I realize that he’s minus one secretary. I continue to walk to weight my options. Problem is I have no options. 

I decide to tell Rodgers’ partner everything. I can’t be sure what he will do. I am not sure if he will listen to me or arrest me or even kill me. He may be involved. I know for sure if I go to the precinct that he can’t kill me or at least I hope not. As I go through the doors of the precinct, I realized that I am in over my head in this whole affair. A corrupt cop, A femme fatale that will most likely kill me and the biggest drug lord on the east coast. My absentee mob influenced, breaks thumbs for a living Pops is the only one that can maybe save the day. Oh boy it’s been a tough week. 

I go through the doors of the precinct

I find the detective’s desk with him behind it. He looks to be doing some paperwork. I ask if its ok to speak. He tells me to sit. I sit. “So, what do you want?” He says it in an annoyed tone. I tell him I have information on the case. “Ok…Ok…what do you have?” I ask him if his partner is in. “No. He called out. He said he was under the weather”. Yeah, likely story. But I didn’t say that out loud. I tell him that his partner is dirty and that likely he killed Ray Wise, his Wife, and Rob aka Mr. Weightlifter Gloves. I also tell him that the beautiful Ella Monroe or the woman who was claiming himself to be Ella was probably involved. All to get more money from their enterprise. 

He sits up and pounds his hands down hard on the desk. He gets in my face and just when I thought that he was about to yell he whispers “…in the conference room…now”. I get up and head to the room on the far side of the precinct. We enter the room, and he tells me to sit down. He closes the door and sits down. “I needed to make sure we weren’t being spied on. My partner is dirty. I know that and pretty much everyone else on the force does. Problem is there is no proof. I need evidence”

He starts to pace the room. “So do you have the evidence of all this you told me?” I shake my head No. I told him that the only real evidence I had I gave to Ella or whatever her name is. The rest is just talk from mobsters, killers and criminals. He tells me that there is nothing I can do now so I should just go home. “If you learn anything new call me”. He gave me his card. I got up and left. As I walked through the hall, I could feel the eyes on me or maybe it was my imagination. Either way I felt like a marked man. 

As I exited the precinct, I decide to call Gino. He answered the phone on the first ring. What a shock. There’s a first for everything. I tell him what I know, and he tells me to go home and stay there until he tracks down the detective. And that is what I intended to do. A quiet evening at home to calm the nerves and hopefully tomorrow things can be resolved.  The bus drops me off and I walk to my door. I get in and as I reach for the light switch, the barrel of a .22 is pressed against my temple. 

“We really need to talk, Kid. I hope its not last one”

I hope so too.

To be continued…

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