A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part eleven)

Recap- “After an Inferno kills his mentor, A cartoonist investigates a crime that implicates his father. It leads him to his father’s partner and his assistant Ella who tell him his father left town. The assistant tells him that Ray was involved with crime and she’s Ray’s Wife. He looks for the evidence. Then his dad gives him some info with real evidence. Then two cops are at his door. After getting grilled he finds out that Ella Monroe is died” 

Who is Ella Monroe? 

That is the question that rattles the brain for the hour that they make me wait after the interrogation. They said that they didn’t have enough evidence to make it stick. Don’t leave town. Cop stereotypical bullshit. 

At first, I didn’t want to believe it. Ella or whatever her name is, is not who I think she is. A fraud. I kept going over and over the details that turned into lies. The lies were convincing. The tears, the sideward glances, and most importantly the kiss. I finally realized I was being played. Played like a cheap fiddle. After I was released, I wasn’t too sure what to do. I didn’t have any idea who to trust. I wandered around the park wondering what my next move would be. 

My only course of action would be where I first met the woman known as Ella Monroe. The Lucky Spade. Vito would have to know her real name or at least an idea where to look. Maybe just maybe he learned something since our last encounter. I go home, have a bite, shower, and pack a bag and take the next bus to AC. During the Bus Ride I do a google search for an Ella Monroe. Nothing much more than the police had. A couple of social media sites, a decent photo and local address in the white pages. Something to look into when I get back. 

With my luck, I think I will pass

The bus pulls into AC and I take a cab to the casino. The last time I wasn’t well received. This time I am going right to the source. I pass the roulette wheels and the craps tables, tempted into placing a bet but with my luck lately I think I will pass. I head to the offices, and I am stopped by two huge lugs. Neither one is Mr. Weightlifter Gloves. Then I see a camera by the door and give a wave with a big grin. I love being a wise ass. One of the lugs puts one of his fingers to his ears, nods and waves me though. He says, “The office at the end”. I told him I know the drill and I get ready for a pat down. He says, “No need”. I go through. 

I entered the office, and he is sitting down behind his desk facing the window. “So, you are still getting involved with this even though I told you not to?” He turns around and puts his hands down on the desk. He looks at me and I look at him back. I tell him straight up that I think his thug Mr. Weightlifter Gloves and his secretary killed Ray and a woman named Ella Monroe. He thinks about this and says, “Now why would they do this?” I nod my head and say, “Maybe for the insurance or maybe, just maybe they were trying to muscle in on the racket that Ray was involved in”. 

He asks, “How do you prove this?”.  I shake my head “I am not sure, maybe you can point me in the right direction”.  He pulls out a note pad and pen. He writes down a name and address. “This is the guy that Ray was working with. His name is Vince Diamond. He runs a club named the Cat’s Meow, it’s a 70’s themed joint in Tribeca. Maybe he can shed some light on the whole thing”. 

I nod my head and tell him Thanks and start to walk out. I turn my head and ask, “By the way do you happen to know Ella’s real name?” I shake his head No. “I only got the name Ella Monroe, nothing else”. I am not sure if I believed him but there was nothing I can do about. 

I get home then I call Gino. I leave a message. He calls me back 15 minutes later. I give him the details. He grunts and then silence. I told him that I think Mr. Weightlifter Gloves Aka Rob is our killer. More silence. Then he says “Well there’s a problem with that. I just got word that he’s dead. 

To be continued…

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