Harry Potter- “Why don’t the Wizards embrace modern technology?”

Mellie as Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a magical place. It’s a charming world of witches, witches, goblins and dragons. An exciting place if you are a kid. Heck even an adult may enjoy the spectacle. I know I do. But the one question I always come back to. 

“Why don’t Wizards in Harry Potter embrace modern muggle technology?”

The question is something I think would be on the minds of any Harry Potter fan. The Wizarding World is a place that time seems to have stopped at the 18th century. Things like candles, torches, horse & carriages, fireplaces, and a postal service by owls are employed. The most current technology they have is an old school locomotive that travels to the school and back. But what if these witches and wizards uses modern technology? Personally, I think it would improve the Wizarding community. 

The use of the feathers and ink as writing implements could be eliminated and replaced with more current writing tools. The constant dipping the feather in ink, writing for a few words and repeat seems repetitive and redundant. How things would be much easier if you replace the whole process with ball point pens. Then they can use spells to replace the ink automatically. I am pretty sure the birds that they get the feathers from would be most appreciative. Plus, modern paper over parchment would be helpful. 

Also, modern automobiles over brooms, carriages, and other ways of magically transporting seem to be a problem to the Wizarding Community. The books and the movies constantly talk of exposure of the Wizarding communities to the Muggle world but what if you made yourself less conspicuous. By traveling in more modern means of transportation can help make the Wizards blend in better. That includes cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. Flying on brooms attracts attention. Giant streams of smoke traveling around seems to me like they want to be exposed. For a community that wants less attention the alternative seems ideal. 

I also believe modern technology like Television and the Internet would be helpful to them. Underage wizard can definitely use the distraction. With tv shows, cartoons, movies and a useful information network, any underage wizard’s minds can be diverted from bad magic. 

Now I understand that all this is fiction and that nothing I say really matters. We will all enjoy it either way. Everyone these days want to overanalyze everything. But then again why have fiction if we can’t discuss, argue, and dissect the details of our favorite stories. Either we love or hate them it’s all in good fun. 


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