A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part ten)

Recap- “After an Inferno kills his mentor, A cartoonist investigates a crime that implicates his father. It leads him to his father’s partner and his assistant who tell him his father left town. The assistant tells him that Ray was involved with crime and she’s Ray’s Wife. He looks for the evidence. After he gets a message from his dad, they meet. Then his dad gives him some evidence, a damning photo. After a meeting with the beautiful assistant Ellie, two cops are at his door. He may be in trouble”

I was escorted down the hall of the precinct. Without handcuffs. Thank God. I end up in an interrogation room that is the size of a shoe box. A stereotypical two way mirror you find in a bad police drama with a small table and three chairs to complete the ensemble. The Detective directs me to my seat. His partner sits down, and he stands up. This looks like it’s going to be good cop – bad cop. 

So good cop starts. “So, I am sure you have a good reason for taking evidence from a crime scene?” Bad cop joins in. “Yeah, because he was covering his tracks” Good cop waives him off. “So?” I told him that I didn’t want to liter. Bad cop nearly had a fit. But good cop calmed him down. “So, do you want to try that again, without the sarcasm? ” I told him “No I will wait for my lawyer Perry Mason to show up”. Good Cop only shook his head while Bad Cop nearly blew his lid and paced back and forth. 

Someone knocks and comes in. Just a kid. He hands Good Cop a folder. He thumbs though it. Then Good Cop starts “Well it looks like someone has a record”. I answer “You have a record? I thought cops were supposed to have clean records?” Bad cop slams his arms down and Yells “STOP BEING A SMART ASS”. I told him “What type of Ass do you want me to have?”. At that point I think I overdid it with Bad Cop that he left the room. 

Good Cop decided a new tactic. “I also have the autopsy of Mr. Ray Wise and it was brutal”. He is trying to play on my emotions. It is working. He continues “Ray Wise was struck a total of approximately 50 times repeatedly causing multiple fractures, both lungs punctured and brain damage. Then he was hung and set on fire. It was the blows that got him. The rest we believe was for show”. After he shows the pictures, I start to get sick and had the urge to vomit. “He was your friend, why don’t you help us and yourself by telling us what you know?” I nod. “Where do you want me to start?”

He starts to smile. “Ok good. Let’s start with Why did you pick up that letter from the crime scene?” I told him what happened. What the note said, the trip to AC, and my suspicion of Mr. Weightlifter Gloves. But I left out Ella for now. “So, Gino Savino is your father? And you don’t suspect him of the murder?” I shook my head No. I told him that it wasn’t his style. Gino would be more likely to threaten than maim. He didn’t seem totally convinced. 
“So, the next question is what is your relationship with the other victim?” 

I was puzzled by the question. “What other victim?”

“Oh, no one told you. There was other body in the rumble. Female, 25-year-old. Identified as Ella Monroe”

To be Continued…

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