The Flash Armageddon 

Matty The Batty as the Flash

I love crossovers. When I was a kid, crossovers usually for me meant that my favorite comic characters were appearing in each other’s books but today it can mean a multitude of mediums. From TV, Movies, and Even Video games, Crossovers are a big thing. Creating Cinematic Universes that as a child I could only dream of. 

The CW has its own cinematic universe called the Arrowverse.  The TV show Arrow was its flag ship show hence the name the Arrowverse. With Arrow ending, The Flash because the top show. Like every year the Arrowverse has a major crossover. This year’s crossover was called Armageddon. 

Armageddon is loosely based on the DC Comics event by the same name. The story goes that in the future a hero becomes a villain. A time traveler goes back to find out the identity of this villain and stop him. The similarities between the comics and the Arrowverse version stop here. The original comics version of events state that a villain named Monarch is responsible and a man named Matthew Ryder is charged with stopping him. The identity of Monarch ended up being Hawk from the duo of Hawk & Dove. Interestingly enough the original ending was to be Captain Atom going bad but was changed last minute. (This was pre-internet, btw)

The Flash’s version has a character named Despero travels back in time to stop Barry Allen aka The Flash from destroying the world. After a brief team up with the Atom, Barry tries to explain to Despero that he will not be the one to destroy the world and he can prove it, but Despero is not entirely convinced. Despero says that he has 24 hours because it is the next day that the Flash will break. And break he does, which leads him to Black Lightning who is to help him to take away his power. Apparently, their Justice League has Injustice protocol, to stop rogue members. After that doesn’t work which was obvious since we are only in part three, Barry decides the go directly to the future. (Which he probably should have done two episodes ago)

This leads to the obvious reveal of the true villain Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash (I actually called it after the first episode). The future is rewritten in Thawne’s own image where he is the Flash and Barry is the villain The Reverse Flash. Apparently, Thawne went back in time (Damn time travel is a problem in this show) to drive Barry insane. Then when Barry went to the future, Thawne went to the past to kill Barry as a kid and took his role as the Flash (Again Damn, time travel is problem). My problem was that why didn’t Thawne just kill Barry when he was kid in the past and bother to drive him insane in the present. I understand he wanted to gloat, but he left himself wide open to defeat. 

Overall, the crossover was good, but the twist was a little too obvious and the guest stars were a little too underwhelming. Plus, a lot of characters’ actions especially Barry show lack of intelligence. But taking that all aside, The Flash is still a kick ass show for this comic geek.  


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