Over the Moon (Knight)

Matty as King Tut

A Billionaire, A Man on the Street, Priest, Mercenary. Sounds like bad joke. Nope. It’s the multiple personalities of the superhero Moon Knight. 

While many call him Marvel’s Batman he is so much more. A more complex character beyond simple loss. A mentally disturbed individual who protects people by any means necessary. 

Moon Knight is Batman if Bruce Wayne had mental illness and thought he was a priest of a Demigod. I know it sounds strange but hey this is comics, anything can happen. Moon Knight has his fights with traditional supervillains and in the last couple of runs he has been also fighting himself, his conflicts with Khonshu (his Egyptian God benefactor) and his other personalities. An example of this when Moon Knight’s main identity Marc Spector is blindsided by his girlfriend that one of his multiple personalities Jake Lockley, fathered her child and Jake kept it from him. He basically kept a secret from himself. 
While many of his rogue galley isn’t as layered as Batman’s (well whose rogue galley is) they give him good conflict and someone to beat on. And that is what Moon Knight is all about. 

The current series written by Jed MacKay is a perfect continuation of previous writers’ use of his new identity of Mr. Knight (basically Moon Knight in a suit). He’s a priest who protects his neighborhood and people. In this series new villains are introduced like Hunters Moon, a new Fist of Khonshu. Moon Knight has been called the Fist of Khonshu. But people have two Fist and Hunters Moon is that other Fist. I am surprised no one has thought about it before. Given that Khonshu is locked up by the Avengers it’ creates an excellent conflict. All that and Marc is now in therapy which gives readers insight into the mind of Marc. 

Next year a Moon Knight tv series is coming and I am curious to see what they do with Marc Spector’s story and how it fits into the larger MCU. 


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