A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part five)

Recap – “After a fiery Inferno takes the life of his mentor and friend Ray. A simple cartoonist is compelled into an investigation that implicates his father. Tracking him down leads him to his father’s partner. He is taken just as he identifies him. He blacks out.” 

As I start to wake up, I hear what I believe is the sound of my heart beating. It’s so loud that its rattles my brain. As I continue to regain consciousness, I realize it’s the ticking of the clock. I feel awake but it’s still dark. I still have a canvas bag on my head and can’t move my arms or legs. I must be tied to a chair. Whoever did this must be a pro. All of a sudden, I hear the sound of a door opening. I turn around to see for naught. 

I hear the sound of a switch blade and flinch. Hoping that knife is not going to spell my doom. Soon enough I feel the ropes on my wrist loosen and give away. I am free. The bag over my head comes off and I come face to face with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Long dark hair that looks as soft as silk, Legs that seem to go on forever and a body with so many curves that it would need the road sign “Dangerous Curves Ahead”. As I sat there looking at this goddess, she looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes that seemed to see right through me. 

She opened her cherry red lips and said, “He is very pissed off at you, why did you cause so much trouble?” I shifted in my seat and said, “Well it was worth it now that I got to see you.” She seemed annoyed by the comment like it’s something she heard a thousand times before. “Cute. He will be in shortly” she then exits the room. 

Then out comes two burly men in fine suits that were most likely tailored, followed by a tall, thin man. His name is Vito Esposito. He is the biggest drug lord in the northeast. Wow Gino you really climbed up the ladder with this one.  One of the two burly men had what looked like weightlifter’s gloves. Before I even got a syllable out of my mouth, he struck me in the gut doubling me over. I hit the ground on my knees. I nearly vomited. I am glad I didn’t because Vito’s carpet looked like it would cost a year of my pay. Then they would really have a reason to beat me up. 


“I need… to find …G-Gino Savino” I was able to get out after trying to get air into my lungs. 
He instantly calmed down like he wasn’t expecting that answer. He walked slow behind his desk and gave his boys a nod. They picked me up and placed me down on the chair in front of his desk. He sat down and folded his hands on the desk and said, “So what’s your business with Gino?” I told him that I was his son and his possible connection with my friend Ray. He had an expression that seemed like he wasn’t surprised by the mention of the name Ray. 

“I have been looking for him myself. He ran out on me a couple of weeks ago. My boys have been all over town looking for him” He got up, lead me to the door, dusted off my shirt, and straighten my collar. “He’s best forgotten. Leave town and never come back, hear me, kid?”. I nod yes and exit the door. As I pass the outer office, I try to find the girl, but she wasn’t there. Oh well. 

I take the first bus out and go into my place. I felt so defeated. All this time spent and nothing to show for it. Plus, I was behind on my deadlines for my strip. My editor is going to shit bricks. Good thing my comic strip is pretty popular, or I would have been fired years ago. As I lay on my couch, still sore from the punch that thug gave me. As I was just about to doze off; my bell rang. I got up, went to the door and opened it. There stood the goddess and she looked perfect in a dress hat and pea coat. 
She asked, “I hear you’re looking for the person who killed Ray Wise?” I only nod because I was still in shock that she was at my door. But what was even more shocking is what she said next. 

“Well, you are looking at her, I killed Ray Wise”

To Be Continued…

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