Hawkeye is Just a Hawk Guy

Matty The Batty as Hawkeye

I was never a Hawkeye fan, a Green Arrow fan Yes but not a Hawkeye fan. I always thought Clint was a second rate Avenger. The guy you get when Cap, or Iron Man wasn’t available. He was Marvel’s bootleg of Green Arrow. Nothing special about him. Then the Avengers movie happened and changed everything.

Hawkeye for me was the breakout character of the Avengers movie. It made me realize he can an important character to a team with a super soldier, a hulking monster, and a God. Even more so than a character like the Black Widow whose abilities included a couple of handguns and a taser. Oh boy. Hawkeye was the snipper of the group. Covering his team with a bow instead of a snipper rifle. He even informed his team members of other teammates actions and gave them counter attacks. 

The new series on Disney Plus is very much a Christmas story. Part Die Hard. Part Transporter. It has humor without being overbearing. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop make a good duo. Clint being the straight man with Kate being the foil. Not that Kate doesn’t have her drama. Her family dynamic is the source of drama in the show and seems to be connected to the villain of the series. 

*Possible Spoilers* 

The series is very much inspired by the 2012  Fraction – Aja series. The Track Suit Mafia, Lucky the Dog, and even the title art is connected to that series. As a fan it made it that much special. As I said above the dynamic of the two main characters makes the show but I loved the fact that the one time villain/later hero The Swordsman seems to be the villain of the piece and Echo’s appearance makes me excited for the next episode even more. 


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