Ghostbusters Afterlife Thoughts

As a kid me and my brother were the biggest Ghostbusters fan. We watched it so many times we were able to recite it by heart (it was the same with Back to the Future). The summer of 1989 was a great one for me and my brother, we got to see not only Batman but Ghostbusters 2. For me the sequel is the best even to this day. For years the idea of a third movie became a pipe dream. The remake in 2016 was a disaster. Not because it was a female driven movie but because it was a boring unfunny movie. That movie is a totally different discussion. 


Then a few years ago a new Ghostbusters movie is announced and now it’s finally here.   I loved this movie. From start to finish it was the movie a fan like me was hoping for. One review I read stated that this was a love letter to the original and boy were they right. A lot of references to the original while a few to the sequel (blink and you would miss them). The movie fills in some gaps that the first movie leaves while creating its own story with the new characters that inhabit this world. The story of Gozer, Ivo Shandor, his Minions and even Stay Puft. Those Mini Pufts were so cool. 

The special effects worked much better than the 2016 remake. The remake relied too much on CGI. I read in an article that it used many practical effects as possible which made it look more realistic and lines up with the Original Ghostbusters. In the remake the special effects were all computer generated. They were bright neon colors that made it look like a cartoon which turned me off big time. The more practical approach made it more believable.

After watching this I am hoping for a sequel and with two after credits scenes it looks like they are thinking it too. Hopefully there is enough people to see it in the theaters so this can be made into a reality. I just hope it does not take another 30 years for this to happen.


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