Master of Kung Fu

Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu. 

A great title for a comic book. The comic was before my time but i remember it from my constant trips to the comic book store, checking the pull boxes for comic gold. The costume was a little outlandish and the villain were nothing to write home about but the character was interesting enough. No powers. Just a Master of Kung Fu. Then I read the Master of Kung Fu MAX Mini Series in 2003 by Doug Monarch and Paul Gulacy. I fell in love. Awesome martial Arts with great art and story. 

Movie Territory *Possible Spoilers*

The movie starts with the only complaint in what was an amazing movie. While it’s refreshing that characters from different lands don’t all seem to know English, the subtitles were sped up at times especially in the origin of the Mandarin. Now to the amazing parts. The train fight scene in San Fran was so great. Very coordinated and Fast. The second one on the high rise building was nearly just as good. Although I question whether bamboo would break that easy. I understand its for dramatic purposes but it seemed weird to me. Oh well. The actor who played Shang Chi was great. Played his role well with enough seriousness bit still remained human. His humor was subdued and didn’t go the route of a Tony Stark or Scott Lang which was refreshing. Awkwafina who plays his “friend” Katy did a decent job as the sidekick/ comic relief. Just giving enough humor without overdoing it. From the previews I was a little concerned that she will be annoying and distract from the potential amazement. But my fear were unfounded, she did great. 

The villain or antagonist Shang Chi’s dad aka the Mandarin played by Tony Leung played it equally bad guy and loving father/family man. The guy that you want the hero to stop and at the same time hope there can be redemption for him at the end. 

The special effect were great. Between the practical fight scenes and CG, the movie looked and sounded amazing. *Possible Spoiler* The Dragon looked so incredible and was done so good that unlike many films the effect didn’t look out of place. 
I incredibly enjoyed it. Another great installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am hopeful for a sequel. 


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