Star Wars: The Prequels

Star Wars has its fans…or better yet Fanatics. Over Obsessed fanboys who at times need a reality check. 

Ok not all Star Wars Fans. I being one of them. 

When I was a kid (born 1981), I didn’t initially attracted myself to Star Wars. It didn’t appeal to me. I am not sure why. I never was much for space traveling adventure movies and l (that includes you Star Trek). 

But that changed with the Star Wars Special Editions with the new scenes and special effects. I know its blasphemy for you Traditional Star Wars geeks for everyone to like it but I am no traditional geek. Then the prequel came out with its blue screen special effects and it wowed me. Some say it was overdone and overacted but I say amazing. 

It began with the Phantom Menace which I believe is the most underrated. It is also berated and shamed as the worst Star Wars movie (Although the sequel trilogy is worst). Yes the kid who played Anakin overacts and a little annoying at times but overall does what he needs for the role. The pod racing was exciting and the universe was expanded with the introduction of Naboo and the Gungans.  To see experienced Jedi have duels was the highlights of the movie with the Obi Wan/Qui Gon vs Darth Maul duel standing out the most. 

Next is the Attack of The Clones, which to me was the Black sheep of the trilogy. The one that while has its moments is overacted and the Romance between Anakin and Padme was done poorly. It was probably not the fault of the actors but mostly the fault of George Lucas himself. That aside the overall plot was great and Jedi battle were still amazing. Especially the one we all knew we wanted to see. Yoda gets into the action. All bad ass. Kicks butt. 

The Final one was the Revenge of the Sith. The best one some say. I agree but its not without its flaws. My main problem is Anakin’s motivation for his turn against the Jedi. Either he turns against them because he believes they are turning against the Republic (which is problematic because its obvious that Sidious already done that by attaining more power) or he wants to save his wife Padme for certain death. Its like Lucas couldn’t decide which one to do, so he did both. 

Now the good. Like the previous two, Jedi lightsaber battles are great, this time on a larger scale (its war obliviously). Anakin vs Obi Wan. Luke and Leia are born. Anakin finally evolves into Darth Vader. Plus the Death Star makes an appearance. All these things go into the things go into the things you love of the original trilogy. 
The student became the master. The story became complete. It just took nearly 30 years. 

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