Spider man: One More Day Aftermath

So let’s talk about One More Day 15 years later.

The Aftermath started with Harry Osborn returning from the grave. Good start (I didn’t like that particular death). All the titles are cancelled except Amazing Spider-Man, the flagship title. Ok good. Also it’s shipped weekly. Ok, That I could have lived it without but still ok. Even the creative teams were great. Yes that’s TEAMS plural.

Bob Gale (Back to the Future), Dan Slott (Future long term Amazing Spiderman), Zeb Wells, and Marc Guggenheim (Future Arrow tv writer) were chosen to right the ship as it were. And don’t get me wrong I loved what did. I loved the stories, new villains like Mr. Negative, The Spot, and Overdrive. Although I could have lived without Jackpot and The Freak (that last one was a little creepy). They even made use of a supporting cast that was missing before. Old supporting were brought back and some new.  What’s old is new again. 

But they didn’t prove a single Parker was a better Parker. 

Its the stories that mattered and they delivered. I was still angry but I was satisfied at the same time (I know its an interesting combination). I stopped after a year or two because I a weekly schedule it became too much on my wallet at the time.

Then I got back into Spiderman. It was during the tail end of the Dan Slott run. He understood Spider- man. Excellent stories and the villains were dangerous. His run was different. Peter Parker was running his own company Parker Industries. While different from a normal Spider man comic, it still focused on personal drama mixed his responsibilities as a superhero. Plus they brought back the Spider Mobile. It looked like   the Batman Beyond car mixed with a Spider design. It was so cool. Slott’s run ended the most awesome way possible. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn using the Carnage symboite. A mix between Goblin and a Symboite that was called the Red Goblin.  

Then the Nick Spencer run started and you can tell he loved Mary Jane. Peter and MJ became a couple again and all was right again…except the Marriage was still erased. Over the years there have been references to the deal that No one shall speak its name. With characters like Dr Strange and Loki realizing that something was wrong like Peter. 

Finally the story arc Sinister War shed some light on the reasons Mephisto wanted the deal in the first. He wanted Peter and MJ to split because Apparently their daughter Mayday is the only person to stop him from ruling every reality. They also explaining away the whole creepy Norman Osborn/ Gwen Stacey affair with children Arc. It was the Clones all along. Cue in the music. 


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