Spider man: One More Day

One More Day.

If you are long time Spider- man fan like me these words are synonymous with internal pain when reading Spider- Man. Right up there with The Clone Saga. 

It was a story that certain editorial forces, that were against Peter Parker from being a married man, wanted to happen. So they did something that their Distinguished Competition is known for. A Continuity Rewrite. A Crisis like event.  Marvel has been known for not having continuity rewrites like DC Comics and it was disappointing that they resorted to a cheap gimmick. 

My problems with Spider-Man, at the time, was not with a Married Spider-Man. The problem was the quality of storylines, overused villains, and lack of supporting cast. The Marriage was a scapegoat for the lack of ideas and talent. Joe Quesada the editor-in-chief at the time said that being single is what made Spider-Man what he is. I disagree. Spider Man is the everyday man. The guy who’s personal life and superhero life are always in conflict. The guy who needed to decide between Stopping the Green Goblin or make MJ’s Broadway play. He can be single or married. The  conflict is the same.  At the time J. Michael Straczynski was writing Amazing Spiderman and Paul Jerkins was writing Peter Parker: Spider-Man and they both had excellent runs and they understood Spider man. They created new exciting storylines, great supporting casts and adding new villains to the rogues gallery. 

Then it happen. Marvel had a big crossover called Civil War. A division between superheroes and an ideology. It was over the revelation of the secret identity to the government. Accountably. Captain America versus Iron Man. Peter supported Tony and revealed his identity to the world. Its gets the Kingpin angry who realized that all this time it was just a kid and was embarrassed. In turn he has an assassin shoot Aunt May. She ends up on Life Support. Peter goes to just about everyone and nothing can be done to save his aunt. 

Apparently Except sell his soul to the devil. 

Marvel and Joe Quesada was so desperate to end the marriage they had Peter Parker betray his mortal standing by selling his soul AND Marriage to the Devil. Wow. 


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