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Legend of Zelda.

The game where everyone originally thought the main character was named Zelda.  Sorry folks his name was Link. Zelda was the Princess. 

The first time I saw the Legend of Zelda was in a local Toy Store. I knew it was different  than other games. First of all the cartridge was completely gold plated. Just that alone had me wanting it. But I found out it was even better. It had fantasy, fairies, goblins (actually called Moblins in Zelda) and sword play. And best of all it was able to save your progress. Up to then games needed to be played all the way though if you wanted to best the game. But Legend of Zelda allowed you to play later where you left off. 

This allowed you to take your time, search for items and beat the game easier (Ironically to this day I never beat the original Legend of Zelda. I always get stuck in the fourth dungeon with the dragon) 

After some years I was able to get back into Zelda with the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was a masterpiece. A game I played multiple times even after I beat it initially. I recently played it on my 2DS and fell in love with it again. The follow up Majora’s Mask wasn’t as thrilling for me. Time restraints. It was frustrating. 

Then Toon Link became a thing. The Windwaker and The Phantom Hourglass came out and continued my love for series. I was able to complete them both. They like the previous Zeldas were fun but challenging. After this I started to stop with video games, part of it was that I was getting older and pursuing other endeavors and entertainment. Between college, work and my continued love of comics, video games stopped entertaining me. 

Then Breath of the Wild came out. This game like the Ocarina of Time and the original Legend of Zelda changed the video game scene. In what is called an open world game, a game that allows you the player to explore vast plains, forests, mountains and deserts. Bonus content is hidden all over and found with exploration. You can explore on foot, by horse, by glider and even teleportation (Magic at its best) At the writing of this post I am at Ganon’s castle. Hopefully will finish it by Breath of the Wild 2. 

So you ask What’s been keeping me from finishing BOTW? It is a little Zelda game named Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. A game which has changed things up by making it less RPG (Role Playing Game) and more Hack and Slash Type of Game. The type of game that you would love if you want to get your frustrations out after a hard day. Its a prequel/sequel though the use of time travel. A little Guardian travels though time to help stop the Calamity Ganon from destroying Hyrule. It”s loads of fun. 

Nintendo over the years have been really creative in where they bringing the story and how they develop the game play with these Zelda games. I would imagine I would be still playing them well into my twilight years (pun intended). Wink.  Wink.


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