Beyond the Fringe

Fringe. Most people don’t seem to know this but there was this little show on tv called Fringe. 

Created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, this show seemed to be the next Lost (I think its better). A puzzle within a puzzle. Answers only bring more questions. Its about a man who steals a son who isn’t his and the consequences of his choice. Its about parallel worlds and the road not taken.  Its science fiction at its best. 

To say I love this show would be an understatement. I’ve seen this show multiple times (10 or more). Each time finding out new revelations, answers, and insights that where not known to me previously. As I said its a puzzle). A group of characters called the Observers are in every episode but its not always easy to see them. One of them maybe a feature character in an episode and in the next episode one of them will be passing by in the background (its like a Where’s Waldo). They become more important later (wink, wink). Also each episode has a glyph that is shown before each commercial break. Its a code that took a cryptologist to break it. Each code reveals the main idea of the episode. There is a lot of layers in this onion. 

The Characters:
John Noble who plays Walter Bishop, a mad scientist with wit and a heart of gold. He plays not only Walter but multiple versions of him. Each version is performed so well.
Anna Torv plays Olivia Dunham the main character. She’s an FBI agent who get caught up in the mystery and strangeness and then realizes she also ready connected in deep. Like Noble she plays multiple characters. 

Joshua “Pacey from Dawson’s Creek” Jackson plays Peter Bishop. The central character some will say. A lot of the conflict stems from him indirectly. A Jack of all Trades, The Con Artist, and all around wise ass. My type of character. 

* Spoilers* 

The part of the series which makes it my favorite show is the introduction of alternate realities and alternate timelines that shows how the characters change and develop when things go differently with the appearance or disappearance of certain characters. The alternate universe has differences like Martin Luther King on the $20 (they don’t even know who Andrew Jackson), The Statue of Liberty is the original bronze, the Grand Hotel (which is in San Fran) is part of the NYC skyline,  both Kennedy and MLK Jr are still alive and many more. 

*More Spoilers*

The biggest reveal was the Twin Towers was still standing (season 1 cliffhanger). A sight that still gives me goosebumps even after the multiple viewings. I can go on forever with all the details in this wonderfully crafted series (and I have, to my family’s dismay). After posting this I will probably watch more episodes, my addiction continues. 


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