The (Black) Widow’s Sting 

I will tell you something that you probably don’t know. Black Widow was never an A- list superhero.  B- level at best. The hero who joined the Avengers only when the real team couldn’t be there. With characters like the Black Knight, Sersi, and Hercules. She was pretty lame with a generic costume and origin. She was human with a taser and hand guns. 

It was the same I guess for the movies.  Black Widow was introduced in the MCU with Iron Man 2. A movie that while a lot of people crapped on, I loved. War Machine, Nick Fury, Whiplash, Alpha Centurion Armor, and Black Widow (Although that was something I never was thrilled with her being there like the others). When other bigger female characters couldn’t be used (Scarlet Witch’s right mixed in with Fox, Wasp needed to be introduced in a delayed Antman, and She Hulk was probably too close in power set with Hulk) The Black Widow was the last resort. So to help the audience to accept it,  they get a big star in Scarlett Johansson. People loved her. I am not sure why. 

Even so often I would hear “Why doesn’t Black Widow have her own movie?”. My first thought is that she isn’t interesting enough to have one.  Most of the interesting tidbits of her stories was covered in the Avengers movies. 

The Black Widow movie was what I expected. A generic story with decent action. Although Taskmaster as the villain was pretty cool, I was hoping for better. Its not all bad things. The character of Yelena was cool, funny and charismatic. She steals scenes and *mild spoilers* I am looking forward to her MCU future with the end credits scene with her hunting Hawkeye in his new series. The Black Widow family was a great with Red Guardian as someone who I would like to see more of. Especially some flashbacks (real or imagined) with Captain America.  

That would be a hoot. 

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