I Believe a Man Can Fly

In 1977, a poster for a movie came out that said “You will believe a man can fly” and History had proven that they were right. That Movie was Superman The Movie. The Star Christopher Reeve was Superman. Between the looks, his physique and his ability make Clark Kent and Superman two different people. Margot Kidder and the cast did a passable jobs in their roles. Gene Hackman never was much of a Luthor for me. Other actors did it better. I know people will hate me for that comment but hell with it. Michael Rosenbaum was the better Luthor.  

To be perfectly honest I was never a huge fan of Superman. He was never a big deal for me. It wasn’t until his death in 1992 that I took interest in Big Blue. And then Lois & Clark came out i was in love. Comics, Tv, Movies. I couldn’t get enough. The John Byrne approach worked better for me. He was Clark Kent, Superman second. Superman was the sideshow. Clark was someone raised on Earth. 

 I first watched Superman the Movie on my local channel 11 WPIX. Movies all weekend long. Superman at the time was the only true comic book movie I had. Not until 1989 with Batman did I have something that was close (unless you count the 1966 Batman series). Unlike Lois & Clark, Superman was the person, and Clark Kent was the disguise which didn’t make sense to me since he was for the most part raised on Earth. 

Like the new series Batman ’89, they release the comic book Superman ’78 which continues the Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner series of movies (the two movies I believe). Brainiac seems to be the focus. The tone of the series seems to match the Donner movies but with more ability for superhero fights and destruction. Unlike Batman ’89 neither the writer or the artist is connected to the original movies so I was a little reluctant at first. But the art made me a little curious. Its really great. Has a style that reminds me of the film series without overdoing it. 

It works for the most part but only after one issue i am still on the fence whether it  something I will love. Brainiac has never a favorite of mine (I know the horror) but maybe they can change my mind. Like all good movies do. 


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