Introducing Mellie

Last year something major happened. It not only affected me and my family but everyone in the world.


I lost my job. Temporarily at least. But still it was 6 months until I was able to get working again. Although up to present, I still haven’t got back to full time status. After a month into the quarantine I had a thought. After observing my cat I realized that I had an interesting idea for a cartoon right in front of me. She was always up to something. Plenty of story potential Why am I not making my cat in a character in a comic?

Years ago I realized that my dream of a comic book artist wasn’t happening. But when I saw that artist were using social media and the internet to introduce their art to the world I saw potential for myself. I saw a way to enjoy my art and make potentially money at the same time.

I spend the last year designing my characters, creating stories, and working on the logistics of a comic strip blog. I still dont have it all worked out but i am getting better and learning. What you see above is my first attempt at the Mellie strip. Its very rough but hopefully you will see the improvement.


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