Marvel Fanatic

I have an admission. I am a Marvel addict. I need help… ok maybe not but I love me some Marvel. 30 years and counting.

So with that in mind I have been loving the new Disney Plus series “What If”. As a long time Marvel Comics fan, the series takes me back to a simpler time of the 80’s and 90’s, reading the old What If comics. This series contained such classic stories like “What If Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?”, “What If Captain America had formed the Avengers?” and “What If the Phoenix Had Not Died?”. Its a must for any Marvel fan.

So far this MCU series has been entertaining and has excited me. The standouts for me have been “What If T’Challa became a Star Lord?” and the Amazing “What If Dr Strange lost his Heart instead of his Hands?” The former being a light hearted romp that has a heart. The Latter being a tragic love story that pulls at the heart strings. Also the narration by the Watcher has been pretty cool. Very Twilight Zone.

Its still early for my full assessment for this series but so far it look good. My next episode to watch is “What If…Zombies”. And nothing says Entertainment like Zombies. Or at least that what any Walking Dead fan would tell you.

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