Classic Mellie #24

Over two years ago I decided to make a comic strip. I created a character named Mellie the Cat. Mellie is based on my Cat who we took in as a stray. The Real Mellie is a mischievous cat who surprises me every day. This made me think that she was the best subject for a comic strip.

As you can see the finished product didn’t turn out particularly good. A very crude attempt at a comic strip where I was still learning the art of cartooning and writing. I was frustrated with the results.

So, I started over.

And while my artwork and writing has improved, I am still learning and developing my style as an artist and storyteller. I hope to improve even further in the future.

The strip below is the last strip of my first attempt at a Mellie the Cat comic strip. The current Mellie strip can be found on every Friday.


Classic Mellie #24

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