The Thin Line of Love (part nine) (The Cartoonist 3)

Recap- “The Cartoonist and his girl go to Miami and find a dead person in their hotel room. The Identity of the murder victim…His own Sister. The Cartoonist gets confirmation. He finds out that she was a troublemaker. 

She was Daddy’s Little Girl… though and though. 

After some research he finds an address in which he finds a surprising secret His own sister not dead at all, but she has a secret of her own. The identity of the victim is her own sister. A fellow orphan who was into some tough stuff. The Cartoonist also had another secret. She runs a underground casino. When the Cartoonist and his girlfriend visit the casino, they find the missing piece to this whole thing. The boyfriend of the victim. It ends up being Jose the receptionist at the hotel their staying at. But there’s a twist and it’s not good for our friendly neighborhood Cartoonist


pointing the gun

Is my newly found sister a killer?

Apparently, the answer is Yes.

She stands in front of me with Gun. Locked, cocked and ready to rock. Normally I would love to laugh at this particular joke, but a gun pointed to your head doesn’t make me particularly in a joking mood. She looks at me with contempt and is eerily quiet. I ask why she is doing this. She half smiles. “Don’t you think it’s obvious?” She starts to walk in a circle around me while still pointing the gun. I tell her the only obvious thing here is that she will kill me soon and I will have no answer why. Her smile disappears. “Well, I thought that intelligence ran in the family. I thought wrong unfortunately. I really was the one who killed Rita. She was becoming a liability. She found out who you were. Now I am just closing up loose ends” I don’t like the phrase “loose ends” and apparently that it pertains to me. I need to delay her long enough for either Cidra realizes that I haven’t come back and call the police, or I can possibly get the upper hand on my dear sister. The first one is more a possibility. Gina seems to be a pro with a gun, Plus I am not much of an athletic guy. But I will anything to keep myself alive at this point.   

I start by asking the question I think is the one I would like the answer the most. How was Vargas involved? I could hazard a guess, but I would like for her to answer. It gives me a little time. She smiles and then answers. “I know you are stalling. Nothing is going to change your fate, but I am going to answer anyway” She switches the gun to the other hand like she’s getting a cramp. Giving her hand a good break. “Vargas became a partner in this enterprise. After I killed Rita, he was responsible for disposing of the body. He thought it was funny to use my own brothers’ room as a way of dumping a body. Thinking that you will be charged with the murder” I asked why he would be thinking that. “Apparently Rita’s big idea for money was to be taking my identity and extorting my famous big brother for money. He thought that that would be enough for the cops to put you away. He was not the brightest bulb. If you know what I mean” I told her yes, I do. I asked, did you kill him? “Yes, I did, and he’s properly disposed of so that he wouldn’t be found. Then I can blame you and your girlfriend’s murder on him”

She laughed loud and hard. At first, I didn’t think she would stop which would give me an advantage. When she did, I really wished that she continued laughing. The coldest stare came to her face that made our father’s stare look friendly in comparison. I tell her to get it over with and kill me already but leave Cidra out of it. She smiles. “You know I can’t leave anybody that can expose my operation. I killed the most important person in the world to me to continue my lifestyle. I’m not stopping now” I ask if you have any qualms about killing your own brother. “Brother? What a joke. I barely know you. And just so you know I hate your comic strips. I lied that I was a fan” Ouch that’s a punch to the gut. I think that hurt me more than finding out that she wants to kill me. Look I know that sounds weird to say considering that I may die. I need therapy. At least I know it.  And knowing is half the battle. I’m about to die and the last thing I’m do is making jokes about GI Joe. I start to get my head together and hope that this is resolved before my head is blown in. 

I ask her what she wants from me besides the fact she wants to blow my head off. There’s a joke there but I can’t do it. Come on this is my sister even though she plans on killing me. She thinks about it. “Well, I will kill you in the room with your girlfriend. So, we are heading back to your room” I tell her that it’s not happening. She would have to kill me here and now before I would ever let her kill Cidra. Sensing that this would happen, she grabs me by the arm and puts the gun into my ribs. “Ok now Lover Boy. It’s time to see your honey so I can plug you both” Yeah, she said the word Plug. What did she come from the 30’s? She definitely watched too many movies. We started to walk down the hall and my mind is a mess. Not really sure how I will settle this whole mess. The only thing I know is that I will protect the woman I love with everything I got even if it cost me my life. 

We head to the door and Gina knocks. The door is opening. Gina raises her gun and I panic. 

To be continued…

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