A Cartoonist Always Draws Twice (part one)

This post is a short story that came up off the top of my head. Just something fun. A little murder mystery.

It was a hot day in the city that never sleeps. You can call it a baked apple. A day so hot that it will make Satan blush.

I started the day like any other morning, waking up in a sweat, taking a cold shower, getting dressed and out the door within 30 minutes. I had a date…with a certain art supply store. The early bird gets the worm they say but mostly I need supplies for a certain project of mine. The trains are crowded but air conditioned. Yes a car in the city would be faster (Although maybe not it is the city after all) but I am only a poor struggling artist after all. Yes I am an artist. A cartoonist to be precise.

I got off the Metropolitan Avenue stop and head east. My destination is an oldie but goodie art store in Williamsburg named Arts In Crafts. It sounds weird but it is only like that because the sign maker refuses to replace it for free, blaming the owner for bad spelling. I know the owner. His name is Ray Wise. We go back over 20 years. He was an art teacher at my High School until his retirement 10 years ago and bought an Art supplies store. He is my Mentor, Friend and like a Father to Me.

I was about to open the door when I realized that the sign was still displayed CLOSED. Since Ray is very punctual guy it was strange that at 9:05 that the lights were out and the door was locked. Then I saw it. A spark. It was small at first but grew into a large bright orange Fireball. I was blown back over 10 feet and was knocked unconscious. I woke up to sirens blaring in my ear. I got up and tried to see into the store though the smoke filled pile of rubble that was left behind. As I struggled though the remains of the store I realized something so horrible and disturbing that I couldn’t believe my eyes and it was…

To Be Continued.

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