My Top 10 DCU Movies part 2

Title: My Top 10 DCU Movies part 2

My Top 10 DCEU List continues. 

5. Wonder Woman

While not as in love with this movie as other people are, it still amazes me every time I’ve seen it. A WW1 action film with a star spangled superhero that was framed as a flashback (I’m sorry Cap did it better). A Decent love story that was tragic. Diana’s chemistry with Trevor was terrific which made the ending more devastating. Diana was a little naïve but her action scenes amazed. 

4. Justice League (Whedon’s Version)

 This one is controversial. It was easily seen that this was the work of two different directors with two different versions forced together. A little more clean cut than the Snyder version (I will get to that one in a minute). Underdeveloped villain, a Humorous Batman and the Idea of the Resurrection of Superman were my main problems of this very sloppy cut. Even with all that, I loved it. Characters I dreamed of as a kid coming together. Interacting. Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman and Aquaman all coming together in the end. Plus Aquaman was so cool. So bad ass. 

3. Aquaman

Speaking of Aquaman. He was Bad Ass. My love of Aquaman which I demonstrated last entry you knew his movie was going to be in the top 5. Jason Momoa was a great Aquaman. Reminding me of the Peter David comics run of Aquaman in the 90’s. The Long Hair and Beard. Although no hook for a hand, he still had a trident and it worked perfect. Ocean Master was a passable villain but the real cool villain was the Black Manta. He anger was personal and justified. The costume of Manta is easily mocked (for good reason) but the film made the costume cool while comic book accurate. Anybody who thinks Aquaman sucks, this movie can change your mind. 

2. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

In Man of Steel, Superman was dark. So when it was announced that for a followup to Man of Steel (technically not a sequel) it was going to be Batman vs Superman I was a little skeptical. Especially after the announcement of Batffeck. Ben Affleck as Batman. And boy I was amazed that he was excellent as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Yes the plot was convoluted and Yes, Superman was still too dark but seeing two iconic characters on screen together gave me a major thrill. 

1. The Suicide Squad

What happens when you take one of Marvel Studios best writer/directors and put him on a DCEU movie? A totally awesome movie that’s what. Funny, Adventurous, and Unforgettable. Every character is memorable. From the big boys like Deadshot, and Peacemaker to little characters like Weasel and Savant. The standouts include Ratcatcher and King Shark. King Shark being the best. Funny as hell. *Possible Spoiler* Starro is an awesome villain who is equally terrifying and equally silly that fits a James Gunn film. Quinn is still a character I am not in love with but even I felt she had her moments in this great movie.  

Special Mention: Zack Snyder’s Justice League 

A four hour movie. Going in I wondering how long my attention span will last. The answer is pretty long actually. I watched the full 4 hours in one evening. The extra material definitely helps the story to be more coherent than Whedon’s version. Still too dark for a Justice League movie in my opinion but the action, special effects and the great performances more than make up for it. 

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