My Top 10 DCEU Movies part 1

I made a list for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) now its time for the DC Extended Universe. While these are not as good as Marvels films, they are enjoyable on there own and have seen them multiple times (well most of them) and it made me happy to see some of my favorites on screen. 
Now on to the list- 

10. Birds of Prey (aka Harley Quinn)

The Worst movie in the DCEU. Period. Its basically a Harley Quinn movie guest starring the Birds of Prey and they don’t even form together until 1 hour and 15 minutes in. There was a lot of individual stories that intertwined but no team. Black Mask is a passable villain who seems to me to be the only saving grace in the whole movie.  

9. Suicide Squad

When I first watched this movie I kind of liked it. But found a lot of faults especially Jared Leto’s Joker. A thug who wore clown but he was no Clown Prince of Crime. He was pointless except to move forward Harley Quinn’s story along and the worse performance of the Joker ever. Will Smith’s Deadshot is the best part of movie with El Diablo, Killer Croc and Rick Flag having their moments but I would have loved more than they got. The villain was passable but I was sure they could have done better.  

8. Wonder Woman 1984

I would probably have put Wonder Woman 1984 lower but I love the characters in this movie better than any of the characters in Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn. The movie while having a good story was way overdone. It was 2 and a half hours and could have used some major editing. Especially the Steve Trevor integrating in the 80’s scene. The action was great especially the intro mall scene and the desert scene with the military. And boy, was that little girl adorable in the mall scene. 

7. Shazam

A movie that at times was a lot of fun and more light hearted than most of these movies on this list. A nice family comedy, mixed with drama and action. The villain Dr Silva works. Scary and exciting. The kid playing Billy can be infuriating at times. Being a brat which raked on the nerves. The extended family helps makes him bearable, redeemable and then finally likable. *Possible Spoilers * Love the possible reference to Black Adam and Love the cameo of Mr Mind. Who doesn’t love a talking worm. 

6. Man of Steel

The movie that started the DCEU (well we didn’t know that when we first watched it). A classic origin story (Although I am not sure who doesn’t know the origin of Superman at this point). The movie worked as a more realistic portrayal of an alien coming to earth. Henry Cavil does a respectable job as Clark Kent/Superman. Although I would have liked to someone beside Zod as villain since I feel he’s over used as a villain. He’s right there with Lex. It was a little too dark at times and would like to see a brighter sequel so Cavil can show what he can do. 

Part 2 will post on Saturday.

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