A Vote for Howard (The Duck)

🎶 Howard…The Duck 🎶 An awesome song from an awesome movie…..Oh kay maybe not an awesome movie.  But I had became a fan of that crazy movie despite it. Poor special effects, bad writing but the actors performed it in a way that made you love it. I watched many times during the years. I still have the love today that I had back then. 

I got into the comics years later. Steve Gerber was a genius. Howard was in its heart a satire. Something the movie couldn’t grasp.  The comic had more to say about the world around him then it says about Howard himself. He is just along for the ride. With his friend Beverly. … Trapped In a World He Never Made! After the initial Gerber run and the Howard Max series also by Gerber I haven’t read much Howard the Duck. Although I hear good things about the Chip Zdarsky run. Maybe someday. 

Howard the Duck has been mostly a pariah since the 1986 bomb. Especially in the movies. In the Comics though, He’s been popping up here and there. Most notably Generation X. An X-Men Youth book in the 90’s. Then after Gerber’s return in the Howard Max series,  Howard became cool again with aforementioned  Zdarsky series.  There is always room for more Howard.

Then with Marvel Studios introducing every character available in their films, Howard returns to the big screen. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie kicked it off with a end credits cameo. He was voiced by Seth Green. Then returned in vol 2 of Guardians. Both scenes shows what Howard does best, Having a Drink. Also returned in the animated series What If for a few episodes including a couple of fun scenes with Darcy from Thor in the 7th episode. 

Hears hoping for a live action Howard the Duck. And I wouldn’t mind Seth Green back for the role either. When It works. It works. 


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