My top 10 MCU movies part 2

Now its time to finish my list. 

5. Spider-Man: Far from Home

Far From Home was a very different Spider-Man movie, but it’s still works as classic Spider-Man tale. It’s like the movie Euro-Trip meets Spider-Man. After Endgame it was nice to see Peter destress and travel though Europe but still its Spider-Man so it needs the Classic Spider-Man topes like Peter Love Issues, Classic Villain getting in the way, and Issues Of Responsibility all the while on the road. Mysterio was great and Gyllenhaal did a reasonable job.  The ending sets up a major problem for Peter and a familiar old friend comes at the end at the worse time.

4. Avengers: Infinity War

An Amazing Accomplishment from Marvel. Bringing as many characters together without falling apart. Epic Meetings and Moments Galore. Thor meets the Guardians. The Guardians meeting Spider-Man/Iron Man/Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange meeting Iron Man/Spider-Man. The Wakanda Battle was especially amazing when came Thor with his new hammer. I nearly pissed myself with excitement. It was something I will never forget. Thanos was a powerful yet multidimensional villain. You saw his point of overcrowded populations and limited resources even as extreme as it was.  The ending was a little predictable but with a part 2 so close away it should have to obvious to everyone.

3. Captain America: Winter Solider

This movie made Captain America cool. He always was but this movie just confirmed it to the larger audience. Being a Cap fan, The First Avenger blew up away but Winter Solider took that foundation and ran away with it. The opening action scene with Cap on a boat with SHIELD hostage situation set the bar and then the rest of the movie jumped over it. Falcon and Black Widow were good supporting characters but Falcon nearly stole the show. A weave of minor villains with the main antagonist being the mysterious Winter Solider. In the end a good 70’s inspired thriller.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

As much as I loved the original Guardians, I loved the sequel even better. AndEven though I didn’t think it was possible, the sequels soundtrack got even better. Ego was even a better villain than Ronan. A more personal one. Being Quill’s dad and all. If the original Guardians was about the relationship between Quill and his Mother then the sequel is about the relationship between Quill and his Fathers. And Yes I meant to write Fathers. With an S.

1. Avengers: Endgame

Endgame set the bar for all comic book team up movies (something Justice League both Whedon and Snyder’s version failed to do). A time heist with Ant-Man in the lead. Antman comes up with the solution, How awesome is that. It was basically A Christmas Carol MCU style reliving the best moments with new point of view. Thanos became even scarier and badder even when you didn’t think possible. My only gripe is with Cap’s ending to his story. It felt forced. Not matching with the characters growth in previous movies.  A Man who put his past behind him only to look to the past.

As Porky Pig says “That’s all, folks”. 


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