My top 10 MCU movies

I know everyone and his mom has their list (a joke but not far off) on their favorite comic movies. I know its maybe done to death but I don’t care…. ITS MY LIST.

People have many preferences. Marvel or DC? Major Companies or Independents?  Marvel Studios is my favorite. Making quality movies and now even tv series (I may post a top 10 tv series list later). This list will cover entries 10 to 6. This Tuesday’s post will cover top 5. 

I am not a critic. I am not going to be technical. This is not definite list. This is just my personal preference. 

10. Ant-man and the Wasp

This movie being in the top 10 is maybe being bias but since its MY top 10 I don’t care. Ant-man has always been one of my favorite characters.  The first one would have been 12 on my list. This one takes what the first one did (a superhero heist film) and ups the ante. The Rescue of Janet Van Dyne with complications ensuing. Mobsters Feds, and A Character named Ghost. Essentially Its not about saving the world its about saving family.  The Chemistry between Antman and the Wasp not only in dialogue and in action sequences makes a winner in my book.

9. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This movie gets a lot of flack for being overstuffed with sets ups for future movies that its forgotten how awesome it is. Ultron played James Spader is charismatic, funny and at times scary. Basically If Tony Stark was a villain. The first Avengers was basically an origin. The team coming together. A lot of set up. In this one, It jumps right into the action. Its nice to see the team together and functional (well most of time). The action is better than the first. Plus Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk is still pretty cool. 

8. Guardians of the Galaxy

The soundtrack is alone helps make this movie crack my top 10. Its so good that I sing along with the movie and have the soundtrack on Spotify. Rocket and Groot are always been enjoyable to me but I think the heart of this movie belongs to Peter Quill. His mom’s dying still makes me cry.  While the villain Ronan is nothing to write home about. He still serves his purpose as the powerful and makes great conflict. The Nova Corp makes me

7. Captain America: Civil War

At what lengths are you willing to go to save a brother? Apparently a lot if you’re Cap. The Complaint of this movie from many is that its Avengers 2.5 but I feel in its heart it’s still Cap’s story. The Airport scene is so awesome. A fan boys wet dream. All these characters together…then oh shit its Giant Man. I like that they were able to add Spider-man. The Civil War adaption would ring hollow without him. Holland as Peter Parker was amazing (pun intended). While not perfect adaption of the Civil War mini series, it still works. 

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

First of all Tom Holland is Peter Parker. NO question. The problem with previous Spider-Man movies were that there was always something missing. Maguire’s movies was missing Spider-Man’s sense of humor. Garfield’s movies was missing Spider-Man’s humility. But Holland’s Spider-Man is missing NOTHING. Holland’s Spider-Man acts and feels like a teenager. His humor, humidity and his eagerness to prove himself is very much Spider-Man. Plus Michael Keaton as Vulture is great. 

That was part one of my Top 10. This Tuesday’s post will be part 2. 

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