Mr. Grimm’s Big Day

As I stated in a previous post, I am a Huge comics fan. Spider-Man. Superman. Batman. Captain America. I love them all.

There was one book for me that stood out the most. Marvel’s First Family. The Team with the Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine. The Fantastic Four. It was different. Most books were either solo characters or Teams who had no allegiance to each other except to fight the bad guys. They were the team who worked well because in the end there were always family first. It was also the only book I knew besides the Amazing Spider-Man that allowed their characters to grow and evolve.

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman (initially Invisible Girl) were originally dating, got married, had a son, lost a child, and had a daughter. Human Torch dated every woman in the universe (figurately and literally), got married, divorced, and now back on the hunt. And the Thing? Well Mr. Grimm always had a special lady : Alicia Masters.

Alicia Masters was the step daughter of the FF villain The Puppet Master (which probably made Family events very awkward). Through the years they were on and off. At one point after the Thing stayed on Battleworld after Secret Wars, Alicia fell in love with Johnny. The ultimate betrayal. Johnny broke the Bro Code. That’s ok because the writers later fixed that by explaining that Alicia was a shape changing Skull named Lyja. Then they rescued Alicia. Alicia returned to the Thing. And On and Off they went. At one point she was even involved with the Silver Surfer.

Finally after a lengthy Fantastic Four break (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the family traveled the stars) Mr. Grimm finally popped the the question. The FF came back together to plan a wedding. And as with a lot of Superhero weddings, Chaos reigns. Crazy Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Super Fights, Crazy Families, and the many Special Guests. I’m surprised that the Watcher didn’t show up (Maybe he did. You never know).

Some would say that this should have happened years ago. Others would say it shouldn’t happen at all. Keep the drama, they say. I’m in the former camp. Fantastic Four has always been a Family. Family First. And Families grow. And Families are about bringing people together. In theory at least. (wink, wink)


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