Kevin Smith-Master of The Universe

Kevin Smith and He-Man. Two things that were significant to me at two different times of my life.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a great cartoon. Along such greats as ThunderCats, GI Joe, Transformers, and SilverHawks (points for anyone who remembers them) He-Man dominated my early childhood. I was a He Man junkie with the Toys. The Tri Clops figure with the revolving head, Battle Damage He Man with the Revolving Chest that on one side showed damage and the other side showed none and even the Castle Greyskull playset. AHH….The Memories.

Later on in my last teens/early twenties I found Kevin Smith. He shaped my humor and attitude with his movies. With Mallrats leading the charge. He made it cool to be a geek. Well to me anyway. His character Brodie Bruce talked comics, popular culture and was still a bad ass without apologizing for it. The geeky character was supposed to be shy, slow, and the point of the jokes but not him. His role was normally for the sidekick, the supporting character not the lead. Brodie was the star, the smart guy who takes on the bullies and wins. More importantly wins the girl. Kevin Smith made me believe you can have happiness and still be a geek.

Now the filmmaker and the childhood icon come together. The New He-Man show for Netflix. Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Kevin Smith is the showrunner and wrote the pilot. Kevin Smith’s voice in the series is very noticeable for anyone who is familiar with his work. The humor is a dead giveaway. All the characters are back even Stinkor who’s ability was so laughable he was laughed out the writers room of the original TV series. He is only known though the infamous action figure which was made to smell bad. They dipped it a chemical to give a foul ordor. Talk about a attention to detail. Crazy.

I am only two episodes in but I can say I love it so far. Funny but with some heart. The first episode without spoilers is a kick in the gut for any long time He-Man fan. Thrilling as Hell but not as Hot. Mark Hamil was born to play Skeletor. His performance is basically a toned down Joker from the Batman The Animated Series but it still works very well. They also did something in this series that the previous series didn’t handle well, making Prince Adam and He-Man feel like separate people. Between the look and the voice it becomes plausible that people will be fooled.

Here’s to Kevin Smith who made my love of He-Man return to my heart


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