1989-The Summer of Batman

The Summer of 1989. Known As the Summer of Batman. Everything from Toys, T-Shirts, Cereal, and even Haircuts was Batman inspired. Lesser known was the release of Ghostbusters 2. It was another movie that I was a total geek for. So that means that summer I was in geek heaven.

I loved the Batman movie. Michael Keaton was a controversial choice for many. He was Beetlejuice. He was Mr. Mom. Not Batman. Not for me. I was just excited that Batman was coming to the big screen. The only live action Batman i had then was Adam West’s Batman. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just I wanted a bad ass Batman. And Tim Burton was going to give it to me.

I saw the movie when it came out and I was in Love. Not the hearts and flowers kind of love but the love of a film that still holds up today. The sequel 1992’s Batman Returns was considered to many not as good, is amazing compared to the crap that came later. And boy it was a shit storm.

It started with Batman Forever. No Keaton. No Burton. Just Joel Schumacher. Kilmer may have been the only saving grace but it wasn’t enough to save it. Both Jim Carey and Tommy Lee Jones made sure that didn’t happen. The next movie didnt get better. Pretty Boy Clooney was cast and the production went straight to hell. Neon Lights. Gotham looked like Vegas on Acid. Plus Bat-Nipples. Oh boy.

Then a few years ago, there was talk of a continuation as a comic book with Sam Hamm as the writer. He was the screenwriter of both Batman and Batman Returns. The art is by Joe Quinones. An amazing artist who is able to draw the actors in the roles without resulting in parody.

After some Covid delays it has been started to be released. The first two issues are out and they are amazing. It feels in sync with the two Burton movies while adding to the mythos in a organic way. Robin (the confirmed Marlon Wayans version), Barbara Gordon (a new non Alicia Silverstone version) and the beginnings of a Billy Dee Williams Two Face which hopefully is better than Jones’ version (at this point I think anything would be better than that). The most important thing is it forgets the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin movies.

This book is awesome and if you are anything like me and love the Burton/Keaton Batman movies you are in for a treat. You don’t even be a comic fan (although I am one). You just have to have a love for a movie continues to thrill even 30 years after release.


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