The Resurrection of Wally West

I was a child of the 90’s and I love comics.

Bruce Wayne was Batman. Clark Kent was Superman. Peter Parker was Spider-man (Although for a time Spider-man was Ben Reilly. The infamous Clone Saga. A bad time for all Spider-man fans) and Wally West was the Flash, The Fastest Man Alive. Maybe the current generation with the successful CW tv series believe the Flash is Barry Allen. But for me and others of my generation is always Wally.

Wally West was the original Kid Flash, Barry’s original sidekick, and became his successor with his death in the maxi series Crisis on the Infinite Earths in 1986. For over 30 years Wally was the Flash. At first he was always compared to the original but with time he surpassed Barry not only in power but experience. The fans saw him grow up in front of their eyes. From a rookie teen following in his mentor’s foot steps to a full grown family man with a wife and two kids. Then the unthinkable Barry is resurrected.

The question remained. With the returned of Barry, what happens to Wally? He cant be the star but he cant go back to being the Sidekick. So at first He becomes the second Flash. Then DC changes its mind and wipes him out of continuity with the New 52. After that fiasco he returns. New Costume. Same name. No family. Basically a supporting character to Barry. Then they change their mind again and have him kill a bunch of heroes. Finally he is turned into some powerful god character with Dr Manhattan’s powers and Metron”s chair for some reason.

Now hes back as The Flash The Fastest Man Alive. For How Long? Not sure. But if history is any indicator, Two years, three years tops. Well I and many other Wally fans can enjoy the ride.


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